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In honour of the Freedom Convoy anniversary

It has been a year since the Freedom Convoy rolled into Ottawa, and I think some of us are still feeling a bit shellshocked at the inhumanity that has been exhibited by our fellow Canadians (and of course, government) over the past few years. Remember last year, when banks froze lawful citizens’ assets, Trudeau wondered aloud if we should be tolerated due to our “antisocial” behaviour and, of course, the trampling of peaceful protestors by global goons masquerading as the OPP?

In honour of the last year, I wanted to share an email I sent last February to “Jessica”, who felt compelled to use leaked GiveSendGo information to contact me under the pretense of a security breach tying me to my trucker donation. I hope you enjoy my response. And to those who took part in the Okanagan convoy this morning, thank you so much for reminding me that, even when we are faced with such overwhelming evilness, there are still so many good people who care about doing the right thing, and who will never back down in this fight for our freedom. You inspire me.


From: J C <> Sent: February 16, 2022 11:08 AM Subject: Racist donations using company email.


As you are aware the racist/fascist convoy funding from GiveSendGo was recently leaked. Either your company has had a security breech wherein this is a spoof or you have someone who used their work email address to donate funds to a far right wing/potential terrorist organization that has cost this economy several million a day due to blockades. Since this information is available publicly I figured you may want to know. Please see below.


Sent: February 16, 2022 10:19 AM To: J C <> Subject: RE: Racist donations using company email.

Hey Jessica,

You’re creepy, as well as breaching my privacy rights by using illegally obtained information, which makes you an accessory after the fact. Contact me again or publish my personal information and I’ll sue you! And if you think freedom = fascism, and peaceful protestors = terrorists, go get screwed.

In honour of you, and all the faux leftist woke pieces of crap everywhere in the world who don’t even appreciate the irony of supporting the government over blue collar workers, I’ve donated to the truckers using your email.

Justin should be contacting you shortly 😊

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