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Government's Usage of the Emergencies Act

Sent: October 17, 2022 2:24 PM To: Cc:; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;;;;;;;;; Subject: Government's Usage of the Emergencies Act

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express to you my extreme concern at the Liberal Government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act on February 14, 2022. I have lived in Canada almost my entire life, and have always been very proud to call myself Canadian due to our liberal government policies and international reputation. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in early 2020, I was very concerned at how our Government immediately adopted the Chinese Communist Party’s (the “CCP’s”) very restrictive (and nonsensical) policies of quarantining healthy people (in blind disregard to decades of research on epidemiology and virology) and shutting down businesses (including protected houses of worship) for a disease that was no more fatal than the flu. (In early 2020, the CCP asserted that COVID-19 had a fatality rate of approximately 5%. This percentage turned out to be a gross overestimation of its actual fatality rate, which is 0.1% for those under 70 years of age.)

As the pandemic marched on, it became abundantly clear that our Government had “lost the plot” and was blindly following the recommendations of The Gates Foundation, the WHO and other unelected and unaccountable international organizations without independently assessing the logic of doing so. The faulty PCR test was used to diagnose COVID-19 “cases” in healthy people, masks were mandated even though no study showed they were effective (and many studies showed they were hugely detrimental, physically and mentally, to many), and the narrative started shifting to blaming the “unvaccinated” for the failure of the vaccines to protect the “vaccinated”. As an unvaccinated person, I began to fear for my safety and place in society, as our Prime Minister slandered me as an extremist member of the fringe minority, and questioned whether I should even be tolerated by society. The leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, weighed in by offering his thoughts that people like me should be held down by the military and forced to be vaccinated against our will. By the end of 2021, I was deeply fearful for my safety within this country, as it appeared that the Government of Canada was actively waging war against me, and anyone else who declined this experimental treatment after weighing its risks and benefits, and which has been proven to be ineffective at preventing viral transmission. While I didn’t particularly care about being banned from restaurants due to my vaccine status (acknowledging the insanity that restaurant staff were not required to be vaccinated), I did feel very trapped and fearful to be stuck in a country with no ability to leave should the situation become any worse, or should the militia show up to my house to detain me to a quarantine camp (as threatened by media). As you are aware through recent hearings on federal travel mandates, no healthcare official ever told the Government to enact these travel restrictions, nor did the Government have any justification (scientific or otherwise) to violate its citizens’ Charter rights in this way.

When the truckers started organizing the Convoy, I felt hope and optimism for the first time in two years. Up until that point, I thought I was going insane as nothing made sense to me, and anyone who pointed this out socially was labelled as a “conspiracy theorist” or “anti-vaxxer”. I had never up to that point cared much about politics, and I have been current on all vaccines as an adult. I am a married, middle-aged woman with a full-time job, a child, dogs, cats and a wardrobe full of Lululemon clothing: nothing about me screams “extremist” at any level. My friends and family felt the same way as the Convoy rolled toward Ottawa: finally, our voices could no longer be ignored and silenced. The Canadian people had finally mobilized, and were exercising peaceful resistance to public healthcare tyranny and CCP-style lockdowns and restrictions. I was active on social media at that time, and the overwhelming message from all people participating in the Convoy was that non-violence must be practised at all times in order to maintain the credibility of the movement and to respect the laws of our country. As vehicles crawled across this country to converge on Ottawa, I felt pride in Canada for the first time in a very long time. Hundreds of thousands of people were working together, in a truly Canadian and playful way of celebrating freedom, as they erected bouncy houses, played hockey on the streets of Ottawa, handed out food to the needy and demonstrated how much love they have for this country.

And then it happened. Rather than act as a mature, responsible adult and meet with the truckers, our Prime Minister elected to hide in his house with “Covid” and label people coming together to combine energies and make positive change to this country an “emergency”. My heart sank and I was so frustrated and saddened by the injustice of minimizing these people and their voices; we were allowing the leaders of this country to avoid accountability and circumvent the democratic process and it made me physically ill. I realized that Canada, as I knew it, was dead. As the Convoy continued, more and more news came out showing how our governments were acting to avoid the rule of law and sabotage and delegitimize the Convoy, including but not limited to:

  • One of the Prime Minister’s personal photographers being photographed in Ottawa holding a confederate flag (obviously attempting to incite violence and discredit the Convoy);

  • “Protestors” carrying Nazi flags and other hateful messaging were implanted within the peaceful protests (no one within the Convoy knew who these people were, or from whence they came);

  • The deliberate misrepresentation of people respecting war monuments as “desecration” (notwithstanding that, not once last year when churches were being vandalized and statues being toppled by leftist extremists, did any member of our Government use that word);

  • The City of Ottawa threatening peaceful protestors with confiscating and killing their pets unless they kowtowed to authority;

  • Bank accounts of anyone who dared to support these brave freedom ralliers being frozen with no regard for due process;

  • The assault of an elderly Indigenous woman was misrepresented as a bicyclist throwing a bicycle in front of a horse (and subsequently, her injuries were minimized and discounted so that the Government could avoid all responsibility for damages); and

  • Peaceful protestors, as well as alternative news reporters, including Alexa Lavoie of Rebel News, were attacked by “police” – which police, no one knows, as they were unidentified and some apparently didn’t even speak English. Watching social media, these forces appeared to be more on the goonish side than on the side of any reputable law enforcement entity as they trampled people, destroyed possessions and refused to make eye contact or embrace any human connection with the Convoy members who were clearly suffering.

As you know, there is a famous quote that captures this situation perfectly: “If you let the government break the law because of an emergency, it will always create an emergency to break the law” (author unknown – or maybe too many to credit?).

I was one of the people who donated first to the Convoy through GoFundMe, and then when it appeared that our Government had inappropriately interfered to influence GoFundMe’s decision to freeze those funds, I then donated to GiveSendGo (also a failure, due to the wrongful and illegal actions of our Government). To note is that, once the donor list was leaked, I was contacted by a person who appeared to be threatening me by releasing my identity as an “extremist”. I don’t negotiate with terrorists, so told her to do as she wanted, with the proviso that I would pursue my legal avenues as well. To me, this constitutes another failure of Canadian society; someone thought they could contact me to threaten me with disclosing my lawful (and what I consider to be morally correct) views. When did the freedom of expression become so reviled within this country?

I finally sent money directly to a friend who was part of the Convoy – and as I did it, I wondered if this would result in me having my bank account frozen. This, of course, was exactly why the Government coerced several banking institutions to freeze trucker funds; to scare honest, law-abiding people who don’t have a back-up plan if their bank card doesn’t work. And I’m sure it worked, on so many people. The emails I received from friends and family described panic that they would be jailed for verbalizing support for the Convoy, or that the Government would bankrupt them such that fleeing to a different land more amenable to free speech would be impossible. One of the families we knew fled to Poland – they could recognize communist manipulations when they saw them. These are all tactics, as you know, of the CCP. The next step, of course, being the persecution of innocent family members to keep citizens in check and silent.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I’m afraid at this point I don’t have a lot of hope that the outcome of this inquiry will be fair, or just. In Canada 2022, it appears that politicians are above the law, and not fettered by any obligation to act decently and in the best interests of their constituents. It breaks my heart that my daughter will likely never have the same pride in Canada that I had, growing up, and at this point I consider myself a political refugee. I hope and pray every day that decency, ethics and our unalienable freedoms will one day be given the same amount of value that a good haircut and fancy socks seem to garner.

Please don’t let Mr. Trudeau’s government make a mockery of “real” emergencies, or of the high constitutional bar that is required prior to violating an innocent civilians’ right to her livelihood, religion, expression and travel. Bouncy houses and singing the national anthem do not make an emergency, regardless of how humiliated Mr. Trudeau felt by their presence and unconquerable spirit.


From: Perspectives (POEC/CEDU) <> Sent: January 4, 2023 5:45 AM Subject: RE: Government's Usage of the Emergencies Act

Good day,

We have received your submission and we thank you for taking the time to provide us with your comments and observations. Public input is an important part of the Public Order Emergency Commission’s investigation.

If more details are needed from you, the Commission will contact you directly.

Again, thank you,

Twitter: @POECommission

Facebook: Public Order Emergency Commission - Home | Facebook


Sent: January 4, 2023 8:36 AM To: Perspectives (POEC/CEDU) <> Subject: RE: Government's Usage of the Emergencies Act

Good morning,

Thank you for your response. I understand that the Honourable Paul S. Rouleau is a Liberal-appointed judge who has historically been active in Liberal election campaigns. As reported by independent news media, Justice Rouleau has a long history of donating to the Liberal Party of Canada (although this information, mysteriously, is not available on the Elections Canada donor database).

Can you please advise if any other members of the Commission have similar affiliations to the Liberal Party, and whether the Public Order Emergency Commission has implemented any policies/procedures/background checks to ensure the independence of each of these members? A brief review of the first few Commission members listed on the website indicate they have previously clerked for Liberal-appointed judges, and some have ties to the University of Toronto, which in turn accepts money from the World Health Organization, GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance (also funded by Pfizer Inc., Moderna, Inc., Janssen Pharmaceutica, WHO, Unicef, the World Bank, the Rockefeller Foundation and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, just to name a few. (Of course, the University of Toronto is just one of many bastions of higher learning in this country that have accepted money from pharmaceutical manufacturers and the Government of Canada in order to study how best to coerce law-abiding Canadians to accept an experimental vaccine – an experimental vaccine which has been linked to the deaths of two football players this week alone. But of course, it’s only Wednesday!).

I’m afraid that from the outside looking in, it appears that the foxes are guarding the henhouse. Not that I would have expected anything less from our current administration, but I do hope that each member of the Commission understands that they are complicit in the destruction of Canada by appearing unbiased if, in fact they are not. To quote our most esteemed PM, “actions have consequences”.

Thank you and have a lovely day.

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