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Government Propaganda (Part 382,456)

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: March 11, 2022 12:22 PM To:;; Cc:;;;;;;; Subject: Government Propaganda (Part 382,456)


I reference two recent instances of improper government influence:

  1. The letter published in The Economist March 5, 2022 on by David Lametti and Marco Mendocino alleging that the Freedom Convoy 2022 was an “illegal blockad[e] and occupatio[n]” that was intended to “undermine Canadian democracy . . . and take away the freedoms of other Canadians by harassing them”. This letter also alleges that the “leaders of the blockades and occupations [are affiliated with] ideologically motivated violent extremists [with] a significant portion of their funding [originating] from outside Canada.” Mr. Lametti and Mr. Mendocino: please stop perpetuating the falsehood that peaceful, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are terrorists who want to overthrow the government, you are well aware that these statements are untrue. You are also aware that GiveSendGo confirmed that most donors to the Freedom Convoy were Canadian citizens; this list includes me – your average, every day, middle class, middle-aged law-abiding citizen who has the ability to use her God-given critical thinking skills – or, as you would label me, an extremist, misogynist, terrorist member of a minority fringe group. Everyone at the rally, with the exception of Mr. Trudeau’s photographer and his brand-new Confederate flag (paid for, I’m assuming, by my tax dollars?), was exercising their lawful right to protest an unjust situation and the government’s dictatorial, tyrannical and baseless assault on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the past two years. Mr. Trudeau’s photographer, of course, is what we call a false flag, as was the Nazi flag bearer who appeared once, never to be seen or heard from again, and the woman who desecrated Terry Fox’ statue, who similarly disappeared into the ether. If you’d like to discuss terrorist acts in Ottawa during the rally, however, let’s address RCMP horses trampling an elderly Indigenous woman on a scooter, and UN goons assaulting a Rebel News reporter and peaceful protestors with rubber bullets and tear gas. Or, better yet, the unconstitutional invocation of the Emergencies Act when the situation at hand didn’t even touch that of BLM last summer. It is abundantly clear that there is a clear set of double standards in this country, notwithstanding all of the platitudes regarding diversity and tolerance with which Canadians are deluged on a frequent basis.

  2. Mr. Rodriguez’ statement that “the journalists played [a role] during what happened in the last few weeks in Ottawa . . . I think there are even more things we should be able to [counter disinformation]. We’re looking into that in the context of supporting the whole ecosystem.” I can only thank Mr. Rodriguez for aiding me in my quest to lose the “COVID 19” lbs I have gained from lockdown; I honestly can’t read such statements without my gag reflex being triggered. The only thing more disgusting than our media and politicians lying to Canadian citizens is the fact that our tax dollars pay for this propaganda to be constantly used against us. Honestly, at this point I’m not sure why the federal government doesn’t just enroll us all in Mandarin classes and announce its success at creating a “basic” dictatorship as per Mr. Trudeau’s wishes.

I am confident that I speak for the majority of Canadians when I say that your statements are undemocratic, treasonous and just plain grotesque. Contrary to what you seem to believe, Canadians don’t believe a word CBC, CTV, or any of our other Pravda-inspired broadcasters spew on a daily basis, nor do we believe anything that comes out of our politicians’ mouths. My plea to you is to just stop it, your behaviour is humiliating, undignified and, of course, a direct breach of your fiduciary duty to your constituents, whom you have pledged to represent.

I’d say more, but you have made it abundantly clear you have no respect for your constituents, or this country. You are all truly reprehensible, and I look forward to day you are held accountable for your treasonous actions.

I’ve cc’d the Ethics Commissioner – maybe, if I’m really lucky, you will all receive a $500 slap on the wrist for actively trying to destroy Canada! (If only the Ethics Commission’s penalties increased as fast as your salaries.)

Yours in karma.

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