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G20 Promotes WHO-Standardized Global Vaccine Passport

Sent: November 17, 2022 5:01 PM To: '' <> Cc: '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; 'Gray, Tracy - M.P.' <> Subject: G20 Promotes WHO-Standardized Global Vaccine Passport

Mr. Poilievre,

As you are aware, the world’s “leaders” are currently enjoying some ego-stroking, communism-promoting, common man-mocking quality time in Bali, alongside with two very unelected megalomaniacs; Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab (I jest – given Dominion voting manipulations, none of them were actually elected!). I’m still trying to figure out how Mr. Gates, who has vociferously spoken out against vaccinating his own children, and who as far as I can tell, is not a medical doctor, is accepted as a vaccine “expert” – although, given the number of children he has killed in India and Africa due to said vaccines, he surely is an expert on reducing the world’s carbon footprint. Regarding Mr. Schwab, unfortunately I can’t even listen when he opens his mouth between the Hogan’s Heroes accent, word salad and his braggadocious self-satisfaction as he attempts to destroy the free world whilst Justin and crew pant at his heels like the good lapdogs they are. Truly one of the few people in the world who can make Xi Jinping seem like one of the good guys!

Please accept this as my request that the Conservative Party work to immediately end Canada’s relationship with the World Economic Forum, The Gates Foundation and other corrupted non-governmental organizations, and launch an inquiry into which government officials are treasonously promoting Mr. Gates’ and Mr. Schwab’s agenda to implement a social credit system at the expense of Canadian values and quality of life – all on the taxpayer’s dime, naturally! (You probably want to start by identifying the 11 MPs who accepted CCP funds in the last election – I wonder why Mr. Trudeau is protecting their anonymity?) You of course know that, even though no one within the Government will ever admit to it, the COVID-19 vaccine passports were entirely useless in at their ostensible purpose of preventing transmission of this virus, as Mr. Gates and Mr. Schwab knew they would be. It is abundantly clear that the course of the entire exercise was to determine just how compliant, and ovine, Canadian citizens are. And boy did we show the world just how well we will abandon all reason (not to mention our loved ones) when threatened with deprivation of our Tim Horton’s donut!

Should the Liberal Government pursue a digital identification system under the guise of a “health passport”, our leaders have made it very clear how this system will be used to deprive noncompliant (aka “thinking”) Canadians from traveling, earning a living, accessing public services and God knows what else. And, as the ArriveCan fiasco has shown us, the costs of such a system are bound to be astronomical as Mr. Trudeau yet again rewards (bribes?) members of his wedding party, treasonous government officials and judges who think our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is just a “nice to have”.

Another day, another diatribe as I pray that common sense will eventually prevail against this insanity. My only consolation is knowing that, if the Liberal Government is tasked with creating this CCP-inspired social credit system, it will most assuredly be easy to cheat or bypass the system, on the off-chance it is actually implemented before Justin realizes he needs to throw trillions of dollars at something else that is shiny and new.

Thanks for your help!

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