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Freedom Convoy 2022

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Please note: there are conflicting reports in the media about whether the funds have been frozen or not. The Freedom Convoy is still accepting donations via GoFundMe, or you can e-transfer directly to the convoy: You can also contact The Rant to adopt a Kelowna trucker.

Sent: January 23, 2022 3:34 PM To: Subject: Freedom Convoy 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

I understand that GoFundMe may by planning to freeze the funds associated with the referenced fundraiser because of an allegation that this movement is somehow terrorist-related. Please accept my heartfelt plea that GoFundMe sees through this extremely transparent attempt by the Canadian (minority) government to vilify and misrepresent peaceful Canadians who are legally expressing their right to freedom of expression, and will act accordingly. Freezing the funds will have the effect of GoFundMe becoming complicit in this slanderous accusation, and will deprive innocent, hardworking people of the funding that they rightfully deserve. (As an aside, it is laughable to believe that any large group of Canadians is a terrorist organization – the reason our government continues to oppress us is because we are so peaceful.)

If GoFundMe decides not to disburse these funds to the Freedom Convoy, I trust it will immediately return the more than $2.5M (plus tips) that has been collected to each donor immediately so that it is not implicated in any wrongdoing or illegal activity, and so we may ensure that our fellow countrymen and women are financially supported as they represent all Canadians’ values this week. As a lawyer, I will note that withholding these funds on a baseless and unsubstantiated allegation is not only unethical, but could expose GoFundMe to both civil complaints and criminal charges.

I thank you in advance for doing the right thing. If you would like to discuss any of the above further, or if you would like information on why this convoy is so important to the citizens of Canada,

I am happy to chat.


Sent: January 25, 2022 10:08 AM To: '' <> Cc: '' <> Subject: Freedom Convoy 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

When I sent this a few days ago, and then heard that GoFundMe had advised they would not freeze the Convoy’s funds, I assumed that someone in your organization had some ethics and sense of justice. That appears to have been a grave error on my part, and I apologize for being gullible enough to believe any large organization would actually act within any type of moral framework. I understand that GoFundMe’s stated position is that it now requires a “clear plan for how [the] funds will be spent”. This is very odd to me, as I have reviewed other GoFundMe fundraisers that are extremely generic, and do not provide said plan. However, we all know why GoFundMe froze the funds after they reached such a high amount: it is your plan that donors will request refunds, thus bankrupting the funders who already spent some of the money prior to GoFundMe’s freezing of the account. To that end, please provide me with refunds of my tips, only. You may keep the donated funds in trust for the Convoy. I have sent a larger donation directly to the Convoy, both for immediate provisions and to fight GoFundMe in court at a later date if required.

I can’t even begin to tell you how disgusted I am in your organization. It is clear the communist, dictatorial Canadian government has “gotten to” someone within your organization. Clearly you can’t read the writing on the wall: the people are done. We are done with dictators, we are done with large corporations with no accountability, and we are done with the constant lies and manipulation from media, government and large corporations. As you are aware, neutrality (or in this case, support of the government) always helps the oppressor, never the victim. In this case, the Canadian people have been oppressed by their government for the past two years, and GoFundMe is now complicit in its tyranny.

I am so very disappointed by GoFundMe’s behaviour, and if it continues to withhold these funds, I will spend the rest of my days telling people about the role it played in attempting to suppress the power of the people. I have cc’d the Convoy to offer my services in any way I can so that they can continue their fight for freedom on behalf of everyone, including, ironically, the employees of GoFundMe.

Please say hi to Justin and Gerald for me. You can give them a message from the Canadian people too, if you’d like: freedom and love are going to win, regardless of their manipulation, coercion (and bribery?).

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