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Fourth vaccine doses

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: May 16, 2022 5:03 PM To:;; Cc:;;; Subject: Fourth vaccine doses

Mr. Dix/Dr. Henry,

I unfortunately made the mistake of clicking on today’s “Local Journalism Initiative” entitled “Roll Up Your Sleeve for a Fourth Vaccine Dose?”, an article that doesn’t even attempt to address the insanity of taking another dose of a vaccine that hasn’t worked the first three times, for variants that are far removed from the original. I have reached out to you both on many occasions to express my concerns that, not only is the BC Ministry of Health’s approach to treating and preventing COVID-19 not proving to be effective, but it is actually making the health situation in this province worse, both by reducing the immunity of the jabbed as well as causing more virulent viral mutations. As noted by Yahoo, Dr. Henry states that “[t]here is really good protection from three doses for most people” but the province is targeting the elderly for additional doses. The article then goes on to state that “a robust fourth dose campaign will be key to weathering future variants without B.C. having to reintroduce mandatory masking and the vaccine card program”, and that “three doses of vaccine are essential to protection against the Omicron variant and its subvariants, and getting that first booster . . . provides significantly more protection against hospitalization and serious illness than two initial doses of vaccine.”

Can you please point me to data to support all of the statements made within this article? Specifically:

  • Can you please send me a link to any data upon which you have relied in your statements that mandatory masking and the vaccine card program are either effective or necessary to prevent COVID-19 transmission? As you are more than aware, medical and cloth masks are incapable of preventing viral transmission due to the relative sizes of the virus and the holes in woven cloth, and COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations skyrocketed after your implementation of the vaccine program last year.

  • Can you also please point me to any data that shows that either a third or fourth dose of the vaccine is effective, in any statistically meaningful way, against Omicron or its subvariants? As you should be aware, a recent Danish study showed that antibody levels in the twice and thrice jabbed fell within weeks of getting the shots, and were much lower than the level of antibodies specific to the original and delta coronavirus variants.

  • As you know, recent BC data shows that approximately 90% of the “COVID-19 deaths” occurring in BC between May 10 and April 7 of this year were in the vaccinated, with the triple jabbed comprising 75% of deaths. Can you please explain how you reconcile this data to any of the above statements? Surely, if the vaccines worked in any significant way, one would expect to see number of jabs in an inverse relationship to number of hospitalizations and death? Remember this winter, when you promised that I and my fellow “anti-vaxxers” (who are up to date on all true vaccines) were going to be a financial drain on the BC healthcare system as we struggled for air on our hospital gurneys, gasping “I should have gotten the vaccine”?

As we both know, there is no data supporting any of your recent statements, and with apologies to Mr. Solzhenitsyn, it is very apparent that you are lying to us, we know you’re lying, you know we know you’re lying, but you are still lying. Please stop, if not out of any feelings of moral duty, but simply because it is embarrassing and unbecoming to both of you. I would think that at this point, Dr. Henry would want to stop making statements that will likely be used as exhibits at her upcoming trial, but clearly her trial lawyers have a different strategy than I would.

Looking forward to your response! Please advise if you are up for a public debate as I can help you to schedule a lively discussion with some people who are really eager to analyze the science. And once again, I’d like to remind you of your obligations pursuant to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as international law and the Nuremberg Code: lying to the masses in order to coerce them into taking an experimental (and, as shown by Pfizer’s own data, fatal to 3% of vaccinees) treatment does not meet the criteria for informed consent.

Ms. Wyton – I see that your Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada, which explains why you haven’t bothered to ask any critical questions about an ineffective and dangerous vaccine program that is being heavily marketed by our corrupted Liberal Government. To that end, I’d suggest you ask your employers to change your title from “Health Reporter” to “State Funded Propagandist”, or perhaps start asking some critical questions about whether British Columbia adopting a communist regime’s protocol for a virus less fatal than the flu was a good idea.

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