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Follow the $cience - New Covid Studies

Sent: February 17, 2023 9:13 AM To: PHAC Correspondence / Correspondance ASPC (PHAC/ASPC) <>;;;; Cc:;;;;; Subject: Follow the $cience - New Covid Studies

Drs. Tam and Henry,

Just a brief note to highlight to you the latest scientific publishings relating to COVID-19:

So, in summary, the “conspiracy theorists” nailed it, in 2020:

  • Immunity from disease is superior to vaccine “immunity”;

  • Masks are nothing more than Covid theater to scare the stupid into conformity; and

  • The “vaccines” are neither safe, nor effective, and are linked to such fun “adverse events” as coagulation disorders, acute cardiac injuries, Bell’s Palsy, encephalitis, stroke and thromboembolic/thrombocytopenic events. For some reason, the Florida Department of Health thinks that healthcare providers within the state should provide informed consent to patients in regard to these side effects. Silly Americans!

I trust that the above will not change your healthcare policy decisions, nor prevent you from discriminating unlawfully against those strong and intelligent people who saw through the lies and manipulations back at the beginning of this “pandemic”. Dr. Henry, special points to you for never allowing unvaccinated healthcare workers to return to their jobs, and for hiring Dr. Hinshaw for what I can only assume is her wealth of experience in deleting COVID-19 data. You should both feel very proud for your contributions to the widespread destruction of what little trust Canadians had in their healthcare system.

Tracy, I have cc’d you to convey my concern to the current federal government. The only expression I can think of re the above, and please forgive me for the crudeness, is “don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”. The lying and manipulations of those who are being funded by my tax dollars are truly sickening, and they are destroying this country like an aggressive malignancy. And Messrs Duclos and Alghabra, just a reminder that Canadians have neither forgotten, nor forgiven, your blatant and unscientific pandering to Mr. Trudeau at the expense of the Charter rights of 38,000,000 Canadians.

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