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Federal Travel Mandate - Ongoing Constitutional and Charter violations

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: April 19, 2022 11:44 AM To: '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <> Cc: '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>;; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <> Subject: Federal Travel Mandate - Ongoing Constitutional and Charter violations

Messrs Duclos and Alghabra,

I’m writing to you yet again to invite you to share with the public any data you have that supports your ongoing discrimination and human rights violations of at least 15% of taxpaying Canadians. I’d also like to point you to United State District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle’s decision, published by the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division yesterday: While you will argue that most of the decision does not apply to Canadian legislation, I’d like to point you to the Court’s opinion regarding the arbitrariness and capriciousness of the CDC’s Mask Mandate:

  • The CDC failed to publish any mask requirements, allowing anything from a homemade Etsy mask imprinted with bunnies completely incapable of preventing entry of a virus particle to a N95 capable of actually, you know, stopping said virus (pg. 48);

  • The Mask Mandate usurped the place of social distancing and handwashing, despite these measures being effective to reduce COVID-19 transmission (pg. 48-49); and

  • Requiring “universal masking”, only to exempt individuals who are eating, drinking, taking medication, experiencing difficulty breathing, who have a recognized disability or are under two years old, is completely illogical, and the CDC was unable to explain the reasons for its exempting of certain groups and activities (pg. 49-50).

The Justice cited all of the above as proof that the CDC was not acting rationally in enacting its Mask Mandate, nor was it even able to explain why it acted the way it did (pg. 51-53). Justice Mizelle also clearly addresses the US Government’s obligation to address alternative or supplementary requirements to masking, such as testing, temperature checks or occupancy limits such that the Mask Mandate would not be required (pg. 48-49).

Does any of this sound familiar? It really should. As you are aware, the Canadian Government’s mask and travel mandates are similarly arbitrary, capricious and indefensible. As you are also aware (but are very adept at completely ignoring), in Canada the Government must defend its violation of citizens’ rights under the Oakes test, a four part test in which the defendant must prove:

  1. The objective of the law must be sufficiently important to justify the limitation;

  2. The law must be rationally connected to the objective;

  3. The law must impair the right no more than is necessary to meet the objective; and

  4. The detrimental effects of the law are proportionate to the beneficial objective of the law.

Numerous studies have established that vaccine efficacy has completely waned for anyone “double vaccinated” last summer and, as you are aware, the “4th” booster only provides “efficacy” for a month. Many studies have also established that many Canadians have immunity from COVID-19 due to natural exposure. And, of course, multiple studies have shown how completely ineffective vaccines and most masks are in preventing viral transmission (but are 100% effective in advertising just who is lacking critical thinking skills and/or voted Liberal/NDP in the last election).

I look forward to both of you defending your position in court as Peckford et al. v. Minister of Transport and Canada, Bernier v. The Minister of Transport and the Attorney General of Canada, etc. and the multitude of other lawsuits that have been necessitated by your fascist and unchecked criminal behaviour wind their way through our judicial system. It is really unfortunate that you are willfully and deliberately wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to enforce a corrupt and coercive mandate that was only ever intended to manipulate the behaviour of the more ovine in present society.

I’ve cc’d Dr. Henry, to remind her that the tide is turning – and also to remind her that the US has moved on from COVID-19 such that any further attempts at coercing the Canadian public into complying with lockdown restrictions will likely be met with a loud “honk” from one and all – I recently bought an airhorn and some flags proclaiming my feelings toward Mr. Trudeau, just in case they are required this fall.

I look forward to your response, as per usual. Dr. Henry – it’s so weird, but my FOIP request regarding the BC CDC’s data has been delayed yet again. Could I trouble you to put in a good word for me?

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