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"Excess profits tax" needed for affordability of living

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: May 12, 2022 5:35 PM To: Cc:;;;;; Subject: "Excess profits tax" needed for affordability of living

Mr. Singh,

I just watched yesterday’s news conference wherein you stated that grocery stores, oil and gas companies and “anyone that’s made an excess profit in this time” should be assessed an “excess profits tax” which will be used to increase the child tax benefit and GST tax benefit to $1000 in aggregate. You stated this “tackles the fundamental question in an inflation” – why wealthy companies profit while families suffer, and how it is the government’s job to prevent such exploitation.

My first thought was, “how can anyone suffer from this level of cognitive dissonance?” Followed by, “how can Canadians be so especially stupid as to have elected a leader of an opposition party who doesn’t have the slightest grasp on economics?”; this, of course, is a more charitable estimation of the situation then assuming that you are willfully sabotaging this country – although all evidence would lead to the latter. Please humour me as I explain how your suggestion to increase taxes on grocery stores and oil and gas companies will, indeed, create more inflation. Unfortunately my daughter has passed the crayon stage and thus I have no fresh Crayolas with which to draw you a pictograph.

Step 1: Government assesses a new tax on Grocery Store A and Oil and Gas Company B.

Step 2: Grocery Store A and Gas Company B assess the impact of such taxation on their bottom lines, and increase the cost of their products accordingly.

Step 3: Recipients of the child and GST tax benefits are surprised when they go to the store/gas station/heated event/etc. and pay considerably more for the same product than they did a week prior, thus rendering their tax benefit “windfall” completely useless.

Step 4: Grocery Store A and Gas Company B decide that Canada has an unwelcoming business climate and move their headquarters to the United States so they can take advantage of lower tax rates, thus rendering thousands of Canadian employees unemployed, poor and in need of more government handouts. (At this point, we can loop back to Step 1 in a never-ending, spiralling vortex of government ineptitude and overspending.)

Step 5: Klaus Schwab’s young globalist, treasonous political lemmings high five each other as they continue to make back room deals to increase their own salaries, award contracts to their buddies and bankrupt this country in the name of equity for all. (Step 5 doesn’t really have much to do with the fact that your proposed taxes will actually cause the consumer price index to escalate even higher, but it feels important to acknowledge the unspoken motivation behind all of your actions.)

I think I speak for the majority of Canadians when I say, enough. We are tired of the lies, we are tired of the corruption, and we are especially tired of the fact that you and your cronies think that Canadian taxpayers are dumb enough to believe that you either care about our interests, or have any inclination to benefit them.

I read a great article by Rex Murphy today which really captures everything I feel about you, and your treasonous support of the corrupt Liberal Party: Mr. Murphy very generously speculates you are either “confused” or “lazily glib”; my interpretation of your words is that you are intentionally making a mockery of everything this country once stood for (and will stand for again, when you and the drama teacher are hoisted with your own petards.) However, Mr. Murphy is on point when he states that you, and you alone, are responsible for the higher cost of living that Canadians are facing due to your collusion with the Liberals in their anti-Canadian oil (and other) policies.

Please say hi to Klaus, and please pass on the message that 6,000,000 unvaccinated Canadians, along with those who are just awaking from their slumber, look forward to being part of the Great Resist: He will own nobody, and he will be unhappy.

I’m thinking of moving to India; their Supreme Court just decided that vaccine mandates are illegal, and you are banned from travelling there. Sounds kind of perfect.

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