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End Vaccine Mandates

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: March 25, 2022 12:08 PM To:;; Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: End Vaccine Mandates

Mr. Barrett, Ms. Lantsman and Mr. Cooper,

I’d like to thank each of you for advocating for the equal treatment of unvaccinated Canadians, and for the removal of federal vaccine mandates, in the House of Commons. You are absolutely correct that prohibiting the unvaccinated from their Charter right to travel is COVID theatre, of the worst sort. As an unvaccinated (and completely healthy) Canadian, over the past six months I have been discriminated against, vilified and had my intelligence questioned, all for the crime of being able to independently calculate my risk/benefit analysis of receiving a leaky “vaccine” for a virus that statistically will never kill me, especially since I have already contracted and survived it.

I have repeatedly emailed Mr. Duclos, Mr. Alghabra, Mr. Trudeau, Ms. Freeland and Dr. Tam, as well as their provincial counterparts, requesting that they justify their “science” for trampling on my Charter rights in light of the fact that the “vaccine” does not prevent transmission of COVID-19 so is, at best, a therapeutic. And of course, there is also the issue of proving Canada was ever subject to a pandemic as governments around the world admit they lied about the numbers in order to manipulate their citizens’ frontal lobes. These government officials have ignored my requests because they obviously do not feel any obligation to be accountable to me, or the other 38,000,000 Canadians who expect laws to be rationally based, fair and transparent. Instead, they have time and again made incorrect, sweeping statements about the COVID-19 vaccine being “safe and effective” (tell that to Sean Hartman’s dad) and have promised that mandates will be lifted when more people receive the booster. I’m old enough to remember when the federal government promised their violations of our bodily autonomy would only last “two weeks to flatten the curve”.

Please keep fighting the evilness (and sheer stupidity) that is currently prevailing in the House of Commons. I think we can all agree that the past two years has been painful to anyone with critical thinking skills. Also, I’d like to note that I reached out to MEP Mislav Kolakusic yesterday thanking him for his condemnation of Mr. Trudeau. Mr. Kolakusic responded right away to my email. It’s a sad day when a member of the EU Parliament is more responsive to the concerns of a Canadian citizen than her own government.

I’ve cc’d the usual Charter-violators, and look forward to the day when they are held accountable for their gross atrocities and crimes against humanity. I’ve also cc’d Canada’s Number 1 Enabler, Jagmeet Singh, to yet again remind him that his allegiance is to the working class (*snort*) and not to being Mr. Trudeau’s Mr. Schwab’s trusty lapdog. Mr. Singh epitomizes all of the reasons why career politicians should be banned from office, and I don’t know how he can face the mirror, let alone his child, as he destroys this once free nation.

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