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End Federal Vaccine Travel Mandates

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: March 16, 2022 11:37 AM To:;;;;;;;;;; Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: End Federal Vaccine Travel Mandates

I am writing this morning to ask how the federal government can justify travel mandates when all of the following statements are true:

  • All Canadian provinces and territories have lifted, or are in the process of lifting, vaccine mandates because they have implicitly acknowledged that COVID-19 is now an endemic disease and that vaccine mandates have not been effective at all in preventing the transmission of this virus;

  • No studies have shown that COVID-19 is transmitted by air or rail travel, and indeed all of the studies commissioned have shown that these forms of travel are extremely safe;

  • The COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be an unmitigated failure for original variants: they offer “protection” from severe COVID-19 symptoms for a short duration (no more than five months, with each additional “booster” offering a shorter window of protection) and they do not prevent the transmission of COVID-19;

  • The COVID-19 vaccines have proven even less effective against more recent variants of the virus: studies have shown these vaccines have negligible utility in preventing severe symptoms of Omicron, and indeed have negative efficacy after their initial spike (pun intended) in immunity;

  • The COVID-19 vaccines are experimental and were rushed to market, and the data that is now being disclosed by Pfizer show that its trial studies were corrupted, evidence was manipulated, adverse events were ignored, and definitions of vaccination were manipulated in order to show even the smallest benefit in absolute risk reduction;

  • The Public Health Agency of Canada’s own data show that over 40,000 people have reported over 102,000 vaccine adverse events (including almost 8,500 serious adverse events and 304 deaths) up to February 25, 2022. This does not include the tens of thousands of people who have reported adverse events to their doctors, only to be ignored, including one of my acquaintances who is currently in hospital for fainting, back pain, neurological issues, decreased blood pressure and decreased red blood cells, all of which started occurring one day after he received his booster;

  • Data from the CDC show that healthy people are three times more likely to die from the COVID-19 vaccine than from COVID-19. Just a reminder: COVID-19 is still 99.92% survivable without any treatment for those under 70, and 99.95% survivable for those without pre-existing health conditions;

  • Vaccine mandates are illegal in Canada pursuant to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the right to “security of the person” and the right to exercise “freedom of religion and conscience”);

  • Vaccine mandates violate the Nuremberg Code (coercion to influence anyone to accept a medical treatment negates consent) and The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights – Article 6;

  • Vaccine mandates are prohibited by the Canadian Constitution;

  • Vaccine mandates are a violation of one’s fundamental rights, and are an assault against personal integrity and dignity, and when restricting Charter rights and freedoms, the federal government has a duty to prove such restriction meets the Oakes Test:

  • The restriction is pressing and substantial, which is impossible to prove when there is no provincial “emergency”, and the vaccinated constitute the majority of current COVID-19 cases (and deaths – but you don’t like publishing that little tidbit, do you?);

  • The restriction is rationally connected to its purpose (again, impossible given the fact that the “vaccines” are completely ineffective and do not meet the 2019 definition of a vaccine to start with);

  • The government has acted in the least restrictive way possible (which, in this case, would be to either require COVID-19 rapid testing of all persons prior to boarding a plane or train, or to assume everyone is a potential carrier of COVID-19 and to require all people to wear their (clinically useless) masks and exercise other (useless) precautions; and

  • The restriction has a proportional effect – banishing 6,000,000 healthy people from society, and depriving them of their fundamental rights with no evidence they are diseased, is clearly not proportionate to any governmental action, especially for a virus with a lower fatality rate than the common flu.

  • Canada has the dubious distinction of being the only country to prohibit the unvaccinated from air and rail travel – presumably because every other government in the world realized that this was a flagrant assault on human rights.

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but the COVID-19 “pandemic” is over in most countries and indeed, those countries that didn’t panic at the beginning of this CCP attack on rights never experienced the number of cases or deaths that Canada has claimed (see, i.e., Sweden). It is abundantly clear to the citizens of Canada (and the other communist commonwealth countries undergoing these human rights abuses) that this mandate was never about public health, but rather the first step by the Canadian government in attempting to restrict fundamental human rights in order to further its agenda of becoming North America’s very own Venezuela, followed up of course, by censorship and imprisonment of religious leaders and political dissidents.

It's a sad day when the Canadians (and I use that term very loosely, Mr. Alghabra) in power have turned against their brethren in favour of the globalist, socialist agenda. Your government has destroyed Canada’s international reputation, bankrupted this nation, and manipulated and abused its citizens for the past two years. I would ask you, once again, to remember to whom your allegiance is required to lie: you were elected to uphold my rights and freedoms as a citizen of Canada, as well as to act in Canada’s best interests. It is truly heartbreaking to witness your intentional and malicious destruction of this once great nation.

I look forward to the criminal prosecutions, and to that end have cc’d the RCMP in the hopes that one day, someone within that office reads the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and has a crisis of conscience.

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