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Emergencies Act Inquiry Corruption

Updated: Feb 24

Sent: February 17, 2023 10:18 AM To: '' <> Cc: '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <> Subject: Emergencies Act Inquiry Corruption

Mr. Trudeau,

Just a note to congratulate you for your part in what may be the final nail in Canada’s coffin, as reported today. I note that Chief Justice Rouleau, a longtime Liberal donor (and your uncle, according to the Twitterverse?) unsurprisingly found in favour of your usage of the Emergencies Act to break up a peaceful and lawful protest. His reasoning being, apparently, that something bad “could have” happened – a high bar, indeed. As one who went to law school, I don’t remember that test; maybe I was sick that day. This is, of course, being published on the same day that CSIS has finally admitted that you only won your slim minority government because of unlawful Chinese interference.

I have never been so thoroughly embarrassed, disgusted and appalled as I am today. I’m cc’ing your enabler-in-chief, Mr. Singh, the Governor General (to whom you just gave a generous raise, and who has been involved in multiple ethics incidents in her short term as GG), the impotent CPC party, and the self-interested and western-hating BQ, to request that they force your resignation via a non-confidence vote. I also request that we now commence an inquiry, on the inquiry. Surely someone should have forced the “Honourable” Justice Rouleau to recuse himself even before the commencement of what can only be described as Kangaroo Court (and that is being generous)?

I also remind all of you that you have a duty to defend Canada against traitors, and foreign influences. Surely one of you has some modicum of self-respect and integrity left? (Please disregard that question, Mr. Singh, it obviously wasn’t directed at you.)

I thank you all for turning your backs on the 33,000,000 Canadians who oppose our current government. Canada couldn’t have fallen without the hard work of each and every one of you.


From: Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>

Sent: February 23, 2023 3:13 PM Subject: RE: Emergencies Act Inquiry Corruption

Please accept this email as acknowledgment of your correspondence.

Your email has been forwarded to MP Gray for her awareness.

Through your previous correspondence with MP Gray and her office, you’re likely aware of the fact that MP Gray and the rest of the Official Opposition do not make up the government and presently hold 116 seats in the House of Commons. Due to the fact that there are 338 seats in the House of Commons, with the Liberals and NDP holding a combined 183 seats, the Liberal-NDP coalition command a majority of the voting power in the House of Commons. As you’re also aware, in order for a government to lose a non-confidence vote, which you have mentioned in your email, a majority of MPs in the House of Commons would have to affirm that the government has lost the confidence of the House of Commons through a vote.

The Conservative Official Opposition has voted “nay” on a number of motions during this and previous parliamentary sessions that meet the criteria to be considered a “confidence motion” as well.

Please know that the Conservative Official Opposition stands up to advocate for Canadians that have been left behind by this federal Liberal government every day in the House of Commons and they have not turned their backs on anyone.

With regards to the findings of the Rouleau Commission Report, which you have referenced in your email, it was found that Justin Trudeau’s belittling of Canadians that disagreed with his views, “served to energize the protesters, hardening their resolve and further embittering them toward government authorities.”

During the events that took place, Justin Trudeau sought to divide for political purposes to distract Canadians so they would forget about not being able to afford groceries or pay their rent, or forget that hospitals are in crisis and our streets are increasingly less safe. The fact is, there would have never been a convoy protest under a Poilievre government because Conservatives would have respected the personal health choices of Canadians, the freedom of Canadians to make those choices for themselves and would have united Canadians instead of dividing them.

Please stay well.

In your service,

The Office of Tracy Gray

Member of Parliament (Kelowna-Lake Country)

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