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Due Process in Canada - Please vote NO to Emergencies Act

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: February 22, 2022 11:29 AM To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; jim. <>;;;; Cc:;;; Subject: Due Process in Canada - Please vote NO to Emergencies Act

Senators and Your Excellency,

I wrote to you last week, but wanted to take the time to write to you again after the very disturbing comments that were made in the House of Commons yesterday prior to its vote to approve Mr. Trudeau’s illegal and immoral invocation of the Emergencies Act. Regardless of the House of Commons’ approval of Mr. Trudeau’s actions, the Liberal Party has not, and cannot, prove that invocation of the Emergencies Act is necessary. As you are aware, the test for passing the Emergencies Act is clear:

  1. There must be an emergency as defined under the Act – an “urgent critical situation” that endangers Canadians’ lives, health or safety. A peaceful protest is not an emergency, it is the lawful expression of hundreds of thousands of people across Canada protesting Mr. Trudeau’s continued attack on Canadian democracy and Canadians’ rights and freedoms. There are no border blockades at present, and let’s face it – Mr. Trudeau is fine with blockades, as long as the protestors are not protesting his actions. The hypocrisy is blatant and sickening. As an unvaccinated person, I have been treated like a second class citizen in my own country for the past six months, notwithstanding that the Government’s own data show that the unvaccinated are not responsible for the current health situation, and that discrimination of a distinct group in Canada is illegal (this is especially true given that Canada prohibits forced vaccination). Mr. Trudeau has taken this further by inciting hatred and violence against unvaccinated Canadians in violation of Sections 318 and 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code, going so far as to show his true pathological colours by pondering whether the unvaccinated should be “tolerated” by Canadian society. How would you like me to express my unhappiness at being insulted and accused of being misogynistic, racist and extremist while being forced to pay taxes for amenities of which I am deprived, for the simple reason that I have assessed my personal risk and elected to retain my bodily autonomy, if I cannot peacefully protest without the Government of Canada threatening to freeze my bank accounts and have law enforcement “identify” me? These are threats unbecoming of any nation claiming to be a democracy.

  2. The “emergency” must not be able to be resolved using available resources, i.e. the Government must prove that the demonstrations are beyond the enforcement capacity of the provinces. Mr. Trudeau’s answer to peaceful protests is to bring in hired thugs to attack peaceful Canadians; while I would argue this is a grotesque abuse of power, it is clear that Canada has the resources to delegate these goons to the scene without need of an Emergencies Act. And by the way – police horses trampling a disabled Indigenous woman on a scooter was a low point for Canada this weekend, brought to us, once again, by the unchecked Liberal Party. Unfortunately, mainstream media decided to lie and accuse the protestors of throwing a bicycle at a police horse – just more proof of the abuse of power that is happening at all levels of this political system and of the necessity for your intervention to save this country.

I point you also to the statements made in the House of Commons: Minister of Justice David Lametti refused to limit the Government’s emergency powers to the specific situation in Ottawa, and House Leader Mark Holland allowed the House of Commons to believe that the vote on the Emergencies Act would trigger a No Confidence vote, which of course would sway anyone who doesn’t want to spend another $600,000,000 on a failed minority election. Your Excellency is aware, of course, that many Canadians have voiced their lack of confidence in Mr. Trudeau, although I know others who have been unable to get through on your phone line due to hours-long wait times.

My heart is broken for Canada. Mr. Trudeau’s corrupt and overreaching government has abused Canadians for two solid years. Mr. Trudeau, directly and through federal and provincial health officers and premiers, has stolen Christmases, birthdays, families, funerals and weddings from his citizens in the name of preventing a disease that we now know is less fatal than the flu, and which attacks the old and infirm. Mr. Trudeau has banned Canadians from domestic and international travel, forbidden them from earning a living to support their families, illegally held them in quarantine hotels against their will and in violation of their Charter rights, and he now wants to silence those who dare to speak out against his draconian measures. Threatening to arrest innocent citizens, and to freeze their bank accounts and start a witch hunt against anyone daring to provide food, shelter or money to these brave protestors is a tactic that would be more appropriate in Russia or China.

I fear for this country if you are not able to protect Canada from our Government’s illegal and unconstitutional actions; you are the last chance for Canada to even attempt to retain its status as a democratic country. The other grave implication to Canada is that passing the Emergencies Act is going to trigger Canada’s largest brain drain in history, as the educated and affluent flee this country to protect their families from persecution. If this happens, of course, Mr. Trudeau will have an even harder time trying to pay off his massive deficit, although anyone paying attention to his relationship with the WEF knows that this is likely the plan.

I thank you for voting to protect Canada, and Canadians. This country needs you right now, please do not fail us.

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