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Criminal law violations by the Canadian government

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 15, 2022 12:34 PM To: Cc:; Subject: Criminal law violations by the Canadian government

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you on behalf of all Canadians to beg for the International Criminal Court’s intervention and prosecution of several Canadian governments and individuals who have violated both Canadian and international laws. The below is a summary of some of the crimes that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet, along with all local governments, have perpetrated on Canadians over the past few years:

Medical Experimentation:

In the past year, each province and territory in Canada, as well as the federal government, has acted to coerce Canadians into accepting experimental medical treatment in violation of Canadian and international laws. This coercion has taken the form of bribery (money, cannabis, food, alcohol, lotteries, etc.) and coercion (threatening one’s constitutional rights to travel, ability to earn a living, inciting hatred against unvaccinated residents of Canada by labeling them as misogynists, racists and extremists while asking the question of whether society should tolerate them at all, and indicating that there is no “patience” for these science deniers). Minors have been targeted by the government, and have been encouraged to accept the COVID-19 vaccine without the consent or knowledge of their parents. The concept of “informed consent” has been abandoned: all Canadians have been ordered to accept the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of their age, sex, pre-existing conditions and co-morbidities, doctors and religious leaders have been prohibited from issuing exemptions, and the Canadian governments continue to perpetuate the concept that the vaccines are “safe and effective” in the face of data clearly refuting those claims. The COVID-19 vaccines were not approved to prevent the transmission of this virus, and indeed the definition of “vaccine” was revised in order to accommodate this new technology. Given that they do not prevent anyone from becoming ill from this virus, there is no justification for any vaccination mandate.

As you are also aware, the COVID-19 vaccines are not safe. Hundreds of thousands of people have died from these vaccines across the globe. In Canada, our government is suppressing any doctor or other whistleblower who tries to disclose the adverse effects associated with these vaccines. For example, Dr. Daniel Nagase has been working to expose the truth about COVID-19 vaccines, as well as early treatment options. He has been assaulted by sheriffs in Vancouver and his reputation has been destroyed by the media and medical profession. Dr. Mel Bruchet was imprisoned in the Lions Gate Hospital (psychiatric ward) for speaking out against the government’s agenda. The Canadian Frontline Nurses, and countless other medical professionals, have been terminated from their employment for voicing safety concerns. When people die from the vaccine, their deaths are hidden. For example, Sean Hartman, a 17 year-old in Ontario, died last year shortly after being vaccinated. His father spoke to the Toronto City Council board in January, 2022 and the City of Toronto subsequently deleted all of his testimony in an attempt to hide the details surrounding his death.

Not only do all of the actions above constitute crimes against humanity, but they violate the Nuremberg Code.


As mentioned above, health officers and government officials within Canada have been working feverishly to incite hatred against anyone who refuses to accept the COVID-19 vaccine. Mr. Trudeau has called the unvaccinated racist, misogynist, anti-science and extremist. He has refused to meet with anyone protesting vaccine mandates, instead preferring now to illegally and unjustifiably invoke the Emergencies Act. Mr. Trudeau has indicated he plans to use this act to “starve” protestors and steal their money without the need for a court order. Bonnie Henry, the public health officer for British Columbia, has indicated she has no “patience” for the unvaccinated, and the premier of New Brunswick, Blaine Higgs, pledged to make life “increasingly uncomfortable” for the unvaccinated.

Although we don’t know how many people have died from the COVID-19 vaccine, it is clear that there is a willful agenda to cause physical harm to Canadians. This is especially true when one cross-references the number of adverse effects to different batches of the vaccine and notes it is clear that some demographics are being targeted.


As mentioned above, the provincial and federal governments have unjustly segregated citizens of Canada based on medical status. Most, if not all, provinces and territories in Canada have enacted orders banning the unvaccinated from restaurants, theaters, sporting events and other common areas. The federal government has banned the unvaccinated from air and rail travel, both domestically and internationally, in violation of their Charter rights and freedoms. This segregation is unlawful and irrational given that we know that the COVID-19 virus is spread by vaccinated people, and there are less restrictive means (like rapid testing) to ensure public health. We also know that, regardless of vaccination status, the old and infirm are still the most likely to die from COVID-19.

I understand that multiple complaints have been filed with the International Criminal Court, including complaints against representatives of Israel, the UK, the WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (along with Bill and Melinda Gates personally), Pfizer Inc., Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, the Rockefeller Foundation, NIAID, the WEF, EchoHealth Alliance, Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak. Please consider adding to this list: Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Theresa Tam, each premier of Canada, along with their respective public health officers, Omar Alghabra, Jean-Yves Duclos and others as you see fit.

I thank you for helping Canada to fight tyranny in this very dark time of our history.

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