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COVID-19 Vaccination Ad Campaign

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: September 21, 2022 2:10 PM To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Cc:;;;; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;;; Subject: COVID-19 Vaccination Ad Campaign

City of Toronto,

I read with dismay this news article this morning: Words fail me at the extent of the depravity your “vaccination engagement team” has exhibited in trying to manipulate and coerce caregivers into offering up their innocent children to Toronto’s vaccine gods (or should I say Pfizer gods?). You are, or should be, aware that COVID-19 vaccinations are wholly unnecessary for healthy, young children who are at almost no risk of serious illness from COVID-19. You are also very aware that at least one youth in your jurisdiction (Sean Hartmann) was killed as a direct result of harmful vaccine mandates last year – I’m sure you were all in attendance on January 17, 2022 when Sean’s father Dan testified to Council that a pathologist who examined his dead son’s body determined the cause of death was the Pfizer jab. (In true Stasi style, the pathologist wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal – true north strong and free?) The fact that many other countries are backtracking from vaccine mandates, especially for children for whom the risk/benefit analysis cannot be justified, whilst you attempt to force this experimental treatment on innocent children by preying on their parents’ fears and sense of social responsibility is both misguided and evil. I’d like to point you to this study commissioned by the Liberal Party as well – even the federal government appears to have finally admitted that this current suite of “vaccines” is neither safe, nor effective:

And speaking of the “vaccination engagement team”, Orwell himself could not have dreamed of such a propaganda machine. I spent some of my morning perusing the internet to review the team’s agenda and modus operandi, including this “playbook”: I especially appreciated that the focus of the team is on the “moveable middle” – the vaccine-hesitant who can be persuaded with a stick or a carrot, vulnerable and racialized communities, new Canadians, youth and seniors: i.e., all of the people who have been identified as more emotionally vulnerable to coercion. The team is less than transparent on who funds it, but it definitely smacks of Big Pharma intervention, if anyone cares to refute that assertion? (Identified “external partners” are United Way (a partner of Pfizer), Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, faith leaders (wow – there goes what little remained of my faith), medical professionals, “intergovernmental partners”, communication experts, “behavioural scientists with expertise in vaccine demand hesitancy” and others.) I especially enjoyed your statements within this document recognizing “the ongoing negative impact of colonialism on Indigenous communities”; nothing screams “anti-colonialism” like manipulating Indigenous populations into accepting an experimental medical treatment they don’t want. Did the team offer them a free blanket, too?

Regardless of my feelings for the vaccine, I do encourage each of you to run out and get another booster. Pfizer’s latest bivalent model was tested on 8 mice, which seems more than adequate prior to unleashing a bioweapon on Canadian citizenry. Hopefully none of you experience any adverse effects - to quote the Hunger Games, “may the odds be ever in your favour”.

MP’s: I’ve cc’d you since federal funding has been utilized for Toronto’s vaccine “engagement” efforts. As a taxpayer, I request that you stop wasting my hard-earned money on illegal and unethical communist psychological warfare. In a truly free country, these actions would constitute crimes against humanity, and a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Sending my sincere disgust (and prayers for criminal prosecution and some good public shaming) from British Columbia,

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