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Covid-19 Concerns

Updated: May 30, 2022

Sent: May 5, 2021 2:43 PM To:; Cc:;;;; Subject: Covid-19 Concerns

I am writing to you about my very grave concerns at the messaging from the House of Commons recently. I’ll address them separately so that your team can easily file them for future use.

Vitamin D

The first statement by Ms. Hajdu was that, in relation to Covid-19 treatment, vitamin D is “fake news”. The fact that the Government of Canada has repeatedly refused to address lifestyle choices that would reduce the severity of Covid-19 symptoms while pushing mass vaccinations for all is extremely worrisome to many Canadian citizens. There are countless studies showing the correlation between vitamin D and auto-immune disorders, cancer, immune health, etc. As the Minister of Health (and understanding that perhaps if she were a doctor, she would be better educated on this matter), one would expect Ms. Hajdu to be aware of these studies, and indeed to support a supplementation approach that, at the least, does not harm and, at the most, prevents the death of many citizens. The Government is also aware of the many studies showing that Ivermectin can decrease the effects of Covid-19, and I’m sure is aware of the litigation in the US and other countries wherein the courts have relied on scientific data and recognized the utility of this treatment to order injunctions against medical facilities. The fact that this Government blatantly disregards any other treatment than an experimental “vaccine” shows a deep level of bias, whether it be confirmation or choice-supportive. There is, of course, an insidious third type of bias regarding the classification of this current “emergency” in the context of less harmful treatments.

As the Government is also aware, almost 80% of patients who die “with” Covid-19 are obese. And yet, this Government has supported closure of gyms, restrictions on outdoor activities, etc., etc. as part of its approach to stop the transmission of this virus. Looking objectively at the evidence, it appears that the Government of Canada is trying to increase Covid-19 cases by doing everything in its power to lower people’s vitamin D levels, increase obesity rates and increase reliance on addictive substances like alcohol and cannabis. I won’t get into the insanity of the PCR test, and testing asymptomatic people in general, because any thinking person on this planet understands how the PCR test has been used to manufacture an excuse for the Government to further its globalist agenda at the expense of personal (and, contrary to what this Government appears to believe, unalienable) freedoms.

Vaccine Passports

We have been here before – and almost exactly to the century. The last time Western civilization encountered a push to segregate people “for the greater good” was, of course, in Nazi Germany when Hitler decided that the Jews and those with disabilities should be purged from society. It has been established time and again that, in a free society, people cannot be forced into medical treatment, nor can they be discriminated against for making personal (and legal) choices relating to their bodily autonomy. Many people are choosing not to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, and their reasons for declining this treatment are of no concern to the Government. While we all know that mainstream media has been suppressed from reporting adverse effects of the vaccine, several Canadians have already died from the AstraZeneca vaccine, while countless others have likely died or experienced side effects that have been disregarded by healthcare providers. Forcing people to accept medical treatment that may kill them in order to prevent a disease that statistically will not, in order to participate in society is genocide. I do not consent to this, nor do I provide consent on behalf of my daughter.

The fact that the Government has now authorized the use of the Pfizer vaccine for 12 year olds is grotesque. Several teenagers have already died from receiving a Covid-19 vaccine in the United States; why on God’s green earth would you ever, ever endorse a treatment that is more deadly than the disease for this demographic of society? We don’t even know what the long term effects of these vaccines are – and since Pfizer et al are already threatening a bi-annual booster, what the consequences are of a lifetime of accumulation of toxins in one’s body. If money is the priority, and given Pfizer’s track record of bribery and obfuscation of evidence we can assume it is, whose soul has been purchased within your Cabinet? It is disgusting and immoral.

Lockdown Restrictions

Please tell me when the Canadian public can expect to see a retrospective cost-benefit analysis of the effect of lockdowns on Canada? The data are now showing that, while there have been no excess deaths in Canada in the past year, sadly, and preventably, younger people are dying in higher numbers due to lockdowns. You have taken the burden of a disease that only affects older people, who have lived their lives and want nothing more than their grandchildren to experience the same, and moved it to small business owners, single parents and children. Perhaps Ms. Hajdu needs to change her title from “Health Minister” to “Covid-19 Minister”, because clearly this Government’s focus is only on one (very small) portion of society.

Nuremburg Code

In closing, I’d like to remind you all of the Nuremburg Code, which has been all but abandoned in the past year. I’d especially like to point you to the following tenets of that Code:

  • Voluntary consent is essential. Coercing people to take a vaccine for a donut, money, the right to travel, or anything else is just that: coercion. This is a very dark time in Canada’s history.

  • No experiment should be conducted if it is believed to cause death/disability. This tenet, of course, has already been violated by each of the vaccine manufacturers.

  • The risks should never exceed the benefits. Again, we are vaccinating people who are at an extremely low risk of first catching Covid-19, and an even lower chance of dying or suffering long-term effects from it. You are killing an ant with a sledgehammer.

  • Experiments should be conducted only by qualified scientists. Every time a member of this Government urges people to receive an experimental vaccine and assures them they are safe, this tenet is violated. You are also, of course, practicing medicine without a license which is illegal. Apparently though, in this new world order, a blanket statement from a health official should be taken as the gospel truth.

  • The scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment when injury, disability, or death is likely to occur. We know that eminent scientists and doctors are being suppressed and accused of “disinformation” for bringing the very great risks of these vaccines to light. Again, I ask who is benefiting from this blanket approach to lockdowns and vaccines? This question is, of course, rhetorical. Through Freedom of Information requests, however, hopefully this will come to light soon and the parties who have allowed themselves to be corrupted will be suitably dispensed with.

Thank you for your time.

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