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COVID-19 booster recommendations

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: June 30, 2022 3:41 PM To: Cc:;;;;;;;; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <> Subject: COVID-19 booster recommendations

Dr. Tam,

I see you are back in the news, recommending your own brand of “first shot is the best shot”™ healthcare advice again. This time, you have advised each Canadian to get a booster dose “regardless of the number of booster doses previously received” because there may be a possible fall and winter wave of this endemic virus. Please help me to understand your recommendation, both in the context of safety and efficacy, and recognizing that:

  • No scientific study has been performed to determine whether one reaches a “sweet spot” in the number of jabs received, nor has any study determined whether multiple boosters will cause toxicity or increased vaccine adverse events (aka side effects, for us older generation) in those who are gullible enough to believe that just one more shot will get us all back to normal.

  • The COVID-19 vaccines currently being offered to Canadian residents were created to immunize one against the original Wuhan (via Winnipeg?) strain of the COVID-19 virus. Numerous studies have shown that they have limited efficacy toward later variants, and indeed have negative efficacy (meaning the risk of one contracting the virus actually exceeds that of an unvaccinated person) within mere months. As you are aware, the Government of Canada’s statistics clearly show that the people who are currently most at risk of hospitalization or death from COVID-19 are the jabbed and triple-boosted. Whoopsie!

  • You have the grace to acknowledge that the Government may approve a bivalent vaccine, which would be specifically formulated for the Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5, at some point in the future. As you know, the FDA just approved this bivalent shot for use in the United States at a meeting where various members of its Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee admitted that there is no safety or efficacy date for this shot, nor is there any plan to force either Moderna, Pfizer or Novavax to actually produce such data before the en masse rollout. Good news though, the FDA plans to determine if there are any adverse effects associated with these reformulated shots, either individually or when combined with the receiving patient’s previous cocktail of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, by tracking adverse events afterward. Just like VAERS, with an underreporting factor of ??% presumably! Of course, any efficacy associated with the bivalent vaccine will likely be short-lived as Omicron once again mutates before the boostees even reach the church parking lot for their latest round of the clotshot.

With apologies to Aaron Lewis for coopting some of his lyrics: “Am I the only one, here tonight, shaking my head and thinking something ain’t right? Is it just me? Am I losing my mind? Am I standing on the edge of the end of time?” Or maybe, more appropriately: “Am I the only one who’s not brainwashed?? Making my way through the land of the lost.” Either way, Mr. Lewis has captured my complete incredulity as our entire medical community blatantly shows us that Pfizerbucks and political pressure trump science, each and every time, and no government official seems interested at all in trying to stop this Nurembergesque train wreck. In a morbid way, it is quite fascinating to watch the self-destruction of one of the pillars of our society as each worshiper, starting at the house of the FDA, and ending with your very own shrine to Big Pharma, forgets their Hippocratic oath, along with how to use their critical analysis skills.

RIP science. It was a nice ride while it lasted.

Happy Canada Day!! Honk, honk – and an extra honk for your best friend, Xi Jinping.

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