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COVID-19 Booster Program - Request for Data

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: September 6, 2022 3:41 PM To:;; Cc: Subject: COVID-19 Booster Program - Request for Data

Dr. Henry and Mr. Dix,

What a lovely surprise it was to open up Castanet this afternoon and see you both updating the citizens of BC on the next round of COVID-19 boosters – it was much akin to discovering a dead mouse underfoot! (Or maybe watching a quadruple-jabbed vaccinee suffering a heart attack would be a more apropos analogy?) Being a masochist/afficionado of rubbernecking, I paused to watch the train wreck unfold for a few minutes.

Mr. Dix, first off you seemed to be a little nervous – or unprepared? Or, perhaps you are uncomfortable feeding blatant lies and propaganda to the good citizens of this province? I jest – I’m sure it wasn’t the latter. Dr. Henry, as usual, you look like one of your loved ones is currently being held hostage in a basement by M. Bancel unless and until he receives his next billion-dollar paycheque, and your stuttering, stammering explanations relating to virology truly exhibited some powerful mental gymnastics. I wonder if I can bother you for some “science” backing up some of the statements you made today: specifically,

  • You indicated that a person who has previously contracted Omicron may not develop a full immunological response if he or she is not also vaccinated. Care to link me to a study supporting that statement? (The only study of which I am aware compared “partial” and “full” vaccinees, which, of course, would not result in this conclusion.)

  • You further indicated that the unvaccinated have a higher rate of reinfection from Omicron, and are also more likely to get sicker. I would love to review the data upon which you based this statement, but sadly, your office decided a few months ago to hide the number of hospitalizations and deaths when they started showing that the “fully” jabbed were the most likely to end up on a hospital bed, begging for some horse dewormer (or is that wormer? I’m never sure). Perhaps you want to reinstate your donut charts, so the good people of BC aren’t just relying on your word that we are still in the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”?

  • You also stated that BC’s citizens should consider receiving a COVID-19 booster at the same time as their annual influenza shot. Care to send me the data on the safety and/or efficacy of combining these two jabs? (Again with the jokes! I know this study doesn’t exist!)

One more thing, while I have your attention: You stated that I, as an (intolerable, dirty, anti-social, extremist, racist, fringe minority) “anti-vaxxer” am eligible to go out and get my first dose TODAY!!! Well, I’ve held off for this long, but your compelling arguments do make me feel like perhaps I’m missing out on the good life. Question for you: if I get dose 1 tomorrow (let’s call it the “OG Wuhan”, or “OGW”), which targets the original Wuhan flu, then I understand I can get another dose of OGW 56 days after the first (October 31, 2022 – a good day to tempt a visit from the Grim Reaper!), and THEN I will be eligible to receive the second booster (the “Reformulated Omicron”) six months after that, on April 30, 2023 or so. I don’t want to play Devil’s advocate here, but are you really, truly, sure that it makes sense for me to be “protected” from the Wuhan flu that currently comprises approximately 0% of current infections (see throughout flu season, only to be dosed up for the Omicron variant in Spring 2023 after going through a whole season of Omicron exposure without any immunological defense? (Of course, if I am unlucky enough to contract Omicron next spring, that vaccine will then be pushed out to July 31, 2023.) Can you please confirm that it is a good idea to get a booster targeting a likely obsolete variant right before (or during) summer, when respiratory illnesses are historically low? At this point, I feel like I’m always going to be chasing the dragon, so to speak. (The comparison to drug addiction, of course, being intentional.)

I note that, as per usual, the words “Vitamin D”, “exercise”, “healthy weight”, “N-acetylcysteine” and “Ivermectin” were omitted from your recommendations to the citizens of BC in how to prevent severe COVID-19. You did mention masking (which has been proven to, at best, be useless, and at worst, cause infections – not to mention childhood developmental delays), hand sanitizer (great for the kiddies with their mélange of triclosan, phthalates, parabens and God knows what else, courtesy of our Asian trade partners) and, of course, the COVID-19 vaccine, which is so effective it required a change to the definition of “vaccine”, and boosters every 90 days (like “recharging a phone battery”, per our very scientific federal Health Minister).

Thanks in advance for your aid in helping me to understand the utility of chronically being boosted for last year’s en vogue variant! Your scientific arguments are truly unparalleled.

Yours in Moderna profits, Nuremberg trials and karma.

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