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Cost of Lumber - Trucking Vaccine Mandate

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

To: Cc: Singh, Jagmeet - M.P. <>;;; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;; Poilievre, Pierre - M.P. <>;;;; Subject: Cost of Lumber - Trucking Vaccine Mandate

Mr. Trudeau,

Last week, before your asinine cross-border vaccine mandate took effect, a 2” x 4” cost $4 at my local Home Hardware. This week it is over $7. Next week - $15? $20? As per usual, your government says one thing (pledges affordable housing) and does the exact opposite (makes new construction completely untenable). Thank you for protecting us all against a disease with a fatality rate now lower than the flu and which is spread by the vaccinated, by banning the unvaccinated from crossing our borders. I guess the goal is to make sure that people starve to death before COVID-19 (or the COVID-19 vaccine) has a chance to kill them? Or is the goal to get a pat on the head from Messieurs Schwab and Jinping?

As always, you wax poetic on supporting the Indigenous and marginalized of society while simultaneously enacting unconstitutional regulations to ensure they will never climb out of poverty. Here’s to another banner year for overdoses, suicides and domestic violence! Shall we call that the “Trudeau Effect”? Or maybe “Colliberal Damage”?

I don’t think I’m the only one pricing out a one-way ticket to Mexico right now. This country is about to come to a crashing, Venezuelan disaster and you and your treasonous, hate-filled Charter-trampling cabinet, are solely to blame.

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