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Constitutional Challenge of Federal Travel Mandates

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sheldon Yakiwchuk ( has requested that everyone contact their local MP/MLA requesting a response to this question. Please copy/paste the applicable portions and cc or bcc Sheldon on your email.

Please also forward any response you receive to Sheldon if he is not cc’d.”


To: Cc:;;;;;;;; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <>; Subject: Constitutional Challenge of Federal Travel Mandates

Dear Tracy,

As you know, I am one of your (unvaccinated) constituents in Kelowna. As you also know, my husband and I own a supply chain business that requires us to travel extensively; however due to the current federal government’s mandates which prohibit the unvaccinated from traveling by airplane or rail, we have been unable to travel either for business or medical treatments for the past 6 months, which has affected both our business income and our ability to obtain medical care.

The current federal mandates on restricting travel based on vaccination status infringe on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and in doing so, do not pass the requirements of the Oakes Test- Supreme Court of Canada - 1986, in that they are not:

  • Pressing and substantial;

  • Rationally connected to any purpose;

  • Are not a minimum impairment; nor do they provide a

  • Proportional effect.

Do you support a Constitutional challenge against these illegal and heavy-handed mandates?

Thank you in advance for your response.

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