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Conservative Party Leadership

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: February 2, 2022 1:01 PM To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Cc: Subject: Conservative Party Leadership

Good afternoon,

First of all, let me congratulate all of you on ousting Mr. O’Toole. As you are all aware, his inability to take a firm conservative stance on any issue was a huge liability to the Conservative Party. Now that you are seeking a new leader, as a constituent of Ms. Gray in Kelowna, I would like to tell you what I see as the top issues for Canadians in my part of the world:

  • COVID-19 restrictions/vaccine passports/discrimination: Canadians are sick and tired of government overreach being justified due to COVID-19. We see the majority of the world acting completely normally, and know that Canada can do this too. Enough with the fear-mongering, enough with the “experts” whose doomsday predictions never come true, enough with COVID-19 mask and sanitizing theater, and enough of vaccine discrimination where the vast majority is vaccinated, and still spreading this virus and taking up hospital beds. It is also abundantly clear that too many of our current leaders are in bed with the WEF and other globalist organizations, and are acting on their behalf instead of those of their constituents.

  • Constitutional reform: We need to ensure the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms are amended to prohibit governmental overreach and restriction of rights and freedoms for any health or other emergency. The Liberal Party has shown that politicians will define any situation as an “emergency” in order to skirt laws and grab unlawful powers from honest Canadians.

  • Defunding all media: It is abundantly clear that the Liberal Party’s agenda has been aided and abetted by the CBC, CTV and other paid liars. This cannot be allowed to happen again; all mainstream media needs to immediately be defunded with large civil and criminal penalties to any journalist (and his or her employer) who deliberately lies to promote any governmental agenda. We do not live in Russia, we do not live in China. That this corruption has been allowed to happen in the first place is completely disgraceful.

  • Electoral reform: Our (MIA) prime minister promised this six years ago. It is time to deliver reform to Canada so that each province is fairly represented. We cannot go on with a small group of eastern voters determining how to run the rest of the country. Especially when it is clear they consistently make extremely poor voting choices.

  • Foreign aid: This needs to be limited/prohibited until Canada’s deficit is controlled.

  • Economy: As you all know, this is a disaster. The federal government needs to be reduced in size, and budgets cut, to start digging Canada out of this very deep hole. We also need to put an emphasis on “Canada First”. It is criminal that we are importing unethical Saudi and Russian oil while simultaneously making it harder for Canadians to produce ethical, clean petroleum products. The same goes for steel, and other industries. It is time to strengthen Canada in order to make the world a better and safer place.

  • Criminal prosecution: I would hope that the Conservatives can start proceedings to hold various Liberal MP’s liable for their treason, lies, corruption and conflicts of interest. We need to see the Pfizer, Moderna and other contracts and understand why Mr. Trudeau has purchased 10 doses for each Canadian, since he clearly doesn’t care about the wellbeing of any of us. This is especially true if Mr. Trudeau has a financial interest in Acuitas or Arbutus.

I could go on, but you all know why you lost the last election: you were seen as “Liberal Lite”, and no one, especially Conservatives, felt a connection to your party. It is time to go back to conservative roots and start championing the wants and needs of Canadians, as well as unifying all of us. Mr. Trudeau has been the worst disaster ever inflicted upon Canada, and the clean up is going to be arduous and painful. However, the sooner you elect a strong Conservative leader who can win over the Canadian public (Poilievre? Lewis? Bergen?), the sooner we can oust the Liberal Party and start believing in the true north strong and free again.

Between the Freedom Convoy and today’s ousting, I am actually feeling a tiny bit optimistic about the future of Canada. Please harness this momentum and keep going.

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