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Conservative Flipflopping

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 10, 2022 3:11 PM To: Cc:;;;;;;; Subject: Conservative Flipflopping

Ms. Bergen,

I had high hopes that your leadership would turn the Conservatives around after the last few years of Mr. O’Toole equivocating on every issue. However, your statements today that it is time for the truckers to go home because their “message has been heard” and that the Conservatives will now take up the fight in the House of Commons shows that apparently the new Conservative value (much like the old Conservative value), is not having any values. Nothing has changed since the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa: Mr. Trudeau has not acknowledged the legitimacy of these peaceful protestors, there has been no action by the government to lift lockdowns and end vaccine mandates, and there has been no healing of this country. Politicians continue to lie and divide, they continue to disregard the vast majority of scientific studies that refute the necessity of vaccine passports, masks and restrictions, and they continue to spit on ordinary, hardworking Canadians who want to be heard, respected and represented in this country (and yes, that was a typo).

I’m a bit confused: did the last election not teach all of you that failing to take a stand against the Liberals is a losing platform? The truckers are not leaving until this government recognizes that a majority of Canadians did not vote for Trudeau, nor do they support his draconian and illegal mandates, nor his segregation tactics, and it is time to eliminate all COVID-19 regulations and get back to normal. My pledge to you is that I will be supporting the truckers financially, and in any other way I can, until all restrictions are removed from society and there is an understanding that Canada is a free country where people have bodily autonomy and true governmental representation.

The time has come to defend Canada against Mr. Trudeau’s dictatorial and fascist regime. The reason that the truckers have taken up shop in Ottawa (and many, many borders across the country) is because the Conservatives have shown they are unable to lead the fight for freedom. And – great news for freedom lovers (but probably not for you): Many more trucks are on the way to Ottawa for this weekend.

The freedom rallies here in Kelowna get bigger every week, and day by day more cars and trucks are sporting Canadian flags and Unity symbols. This government is so out of touch with its constituents that it thinks it can order us to “stand down”. I assure you that none of us has any intention of standing down until all Canadians are equal under the law, and all Canadians are protected from unconstitutional legislation and attacks by this government. It is truly a testament to Canadians that we have remained peaceful for so long, in the face of tyranny.

And, another reminder that people just like me pay your salary. I’m not sure why you think ignoring us is a successful long term strategy.

Yours conservatively.

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