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Concerns with the Emergency Act and COVID response

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 14, 2022 10:46 AM To: Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <>; Subject: FW: Concerns with the Emergency Act and COVID response

Good morning,

I am a constituent of Tracy Gray, in Kelowna. Please see the below analysis of the “science” upon which Mr. Trudeau and his minority government have been relying to systematically violate and deprive hardworking Canadians of their Charter rights. As you can see, not only has the Government’s vaccine program been completely ineffective, but many Canadians have been injured, both by these vaccines, and by the politicization of vaccines in this country.

I am extremely concerned that Mr. Trudeau is attempting to implement the Emergency Act in order to further deprive Canadians of their rights of expression, and their ability to peacefully protest against this Government’s unscientific and baseless mandates. There is no “emergency”, except for the fact that the Liberal party refuses to listen to the citizens of this country or to properly analyze data regarding COVID-19, preferring instead to continue to advocate for vaccines that are likely making Mr. Trudeau, and other politicians, extremely rich. Please do what is right for British Columbians, and vote against invoking the Emergency Act.

I have cc’d the RCMP on this email as I would like a status update on when they plan to file criminal charges against Mr. Trudeau for his incitement of violence against a distinct minority (the “unvaccinated”), his conflicts of interest with vaccine manufacturers, and of course, his acts of treason against Canada in order to implement a globalist agenda.

Thank you for representing your constituents on this matter.

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