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Collateral Damage

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: December 15, 2021 2:31 PM To: '' <>;; '' <> Cc: '' <>; '' <>;; '' <>; 'Singh, Jagmeet - M.P.' <>; '' <> Subject: Collateral damage

Drs. Tam, Henry and Hinshaw,

As we wind up 2021, I’m writing today to remind you of all of the deaths that governmental policies have caused over the past 21 months, and to urge you to stop compounding this situation by continuing to implement the same ineffective and deadly measures that you have supported since March 2020. That statement, in and of itself, is extremely generous: first of all, to call your tyrannical and completely illogical restrictions “policies” is a stretch akin to you pretending you are COVID-19 experts (and that you care about the mental and physical health of Canadian citizens), and second, as we all know, when a government worker acts in a willfully illegal and criminal manner, this removes any protections granted by the defense of “doing one’s job” – so they really are “your” policies, each and every one of you. Let’s list them out – at least, the ones I can think of offhand. Unfortunately you ladies have so much blood on your hands it’s really a wonder you can still use them to perpetrate more crimes against humanity.

  • Let’s start with the youngest of your targets; young babies whose mothers have either been “vaccinated” while they were in utero, or shortly thereafter. Please see this link for a summary of just some of the cases reported to VAERS (or at least, reported until scrubbed by some compliant CDC brownshirt): I’m assuming that your response to this article, which sets forth such horrifying reports as babies dying after bleeding from their eyes and mouth, and a 5 year-old girl dying in her sleep just three days after the shot, is that these cases are simply a tragic coincidence. It’s weird – until 2021, I’d never heard of any child dying unexpectedly in her sleep but now it seems to be a weekly occurrence. Oh well! These things happen, amirite?

  • Moving up from the babies, let’s talk about all of those pesky young men who keep spoiling the “safe and effective” narrative by rudely insisting on dropping like flies. And of course, some of those were FIFA athletes who had the audacity to collapse in front of a vast number of witnesses: Again, a total coincidence! And who cares - as we all know, myocarditis is mild and reversible! In 2021, at least … except, of course, for the 16 FIFA athletes who died in excess of the 2001-2020 average of 5 deaths per annum, along with the thousands reported on VAERS and other government sites.

  • Moving up – who should we discuss next? The young mom who died after getting vaccinated so she could volunteer at her daughter’s school? The dad who never woke up from his nap? The multitudes of “fully” vaccinated people who still managed to acquire a “breakthrough” case of COVID-19 and end up in the ICU? How about the 1700% increase in pilot deaths this year: (cause of death – climate change or racism, I’m assuming?)?

Unfortunately, the list of collateral damage keeps on going.

  • How about all of the people who have become depressed in the past year. How many people have committed suicide due to lockdown restrictions or because their families shunned them as “superspreaders”, notwithstanding the complete lack of scientific evidence to back this up?

  • Let’s talk about all of the kids who haven’t been allowed to play sports for almost 2 years – first, because you were “saving” them from contracting a cold, and, now, because you are punishing them for refusing to comply and take an experimental treatment. An odd way to save a child from a mild flu – deprive him of an activity that builds his immunity and improves his mental health.

  • Let’s talk about the opioid crisis. Oh right – never mind on this one either. The socialist answer is to hand out free drugs and make sure the lost and vulnerable stay that way. Best to keep them craving their next “safe” fix rather than helping them detox and become happy, healthy members of society.

  • How about the old and infirm? Rather than being allowed to die with dignity in the company of their loved ones, they have been isolated and mentally tortured for the past 21 months “for their safety”. I’m sure they are most grateful that a bunch of overpaid, overreaching government workers have made their final decisions on this earth for them. God forbid we allow people free will, especially as a dying wish.

Who did I miss? I didn’t mention the kids who aren’t learning how to read facial expressions since everyone wanders around, zombie-like, with their shaming muzzles securely fastened over nose and mouth. Who cares if we might be raising a generation of sociopaths – if anything, it’s probably a good thing in Nazi Canada, where empathy for the “refuseniks” is discouraged. I haven’t touched on the “well over” 100,000 children who starved to death in 2020 globally due to economic restrictions of the US and other western nations – God knows how many were killed in 2021 as I’m sure no public health official is counting those numbers too carefully. That number, of course, doesn’t include the over half a million of children suffering from “wasting”, the increase of 120 million people facing “extreme hunger” around the world in 2021, or the 300,000 adults who died every day due to shutdown-related deaths globally – but hey, if we save one North American grandma it will all be worth it. Let’s donate some vaccines to some third world countries via COVAX and see if we can really make those death rates spike.

The purpose of my email? Well, it is almost Christmas, and I’m hoping that, even those government workers who have the same unfortunate medical condition as the Grinch may discover the magic of the holiday season. May your hearts increase three times in size (not due to adverse vaccine effects), and may you come to the realization that a free society (and defending our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) is more important than preventing the spread of a virus that is no more deadly than the flu.

Also, a reminder that each and every day, you perpetrate another constitutional violation against myself and others via your tyrannical and unjustifiable actions. To that end, please keep inciting hatred and banning me from restaurants, theaters, sporting events and planes. With any luck, the class action payout, and criminal sentences, are going to be record-breaking.

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