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Clarification of NDP's Platform on the Unvaccinated

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: January 20, 2022 9:52 AM To: Singh, Jagmeet - M.P. <> Cc: Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: Clarification of NDP's Platform on the Unvaccinated

Mr. Singh,

Would you or someone from your party be so kind as to clarify whether or not the NDP classifies the Unvaccinated as humans with basic rights?

  • In August 2021, you advised that you agreed with mandatory vaccination for federal workers in order to protect the vaccinated (we’ll put this statement aside, recognizing that it is completely illogical and that, even if it made sense, there are less extreme means to “protect the vaccinated” whilst protecting the Canadian Constitution);

  • In December 2021, you implored Mr. Trudeau to call in the troops and force-vaccinate all of the “vaccine hesitant” in Canada against their will and in contravention of each citizens’ right to bodily autonomy;

  • Yesterday, you condemned Quebec’s plan to tax unvaccinated persons because it is a “slippery slope” towards removing one’s right to universal healthcare.

Would it be fair to state that the NDP’s position on Charter rights is that the government can pick and choose which rights and freedoms its citizens are allowed to enjoy during a two year “emergency” regarding a virus that has the same case and infection fatality rates as the seasonal flu? Or is it more accurate to state that the NDP’s position is whatever will curry favour with its electorate in that moment? Just wondering if you can provide me with a framework so I can understand why the NDP believes that some fundamental rights (like healthcare) truly are “fundamental”, while others (like bodily autonomy and the right to earn a living) are not? And if you are relying on scientific data to formulate your positions, can you please advise why the NDP appears to be supporting the advice of Canada’s public heath officers, when studies from Israel and Denmark (as well as data from Alberta) show that the “boosted” have up to a 400% higher rate of death than the twice vaccinated?

I have cc’d the members of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, as well as my MP. Members of the Committee: it appears that, every day this country gets more and more comfortable inciting violence against, and vilifying hatred of, the Unvaccinated, notwithstanding that the data are clearly showing that the vaccinated are actually the super spreaders at present. (I note that the way in which the pharmaceutical manufacturers have rigged their data, the thrice vaccinated will be the data set with the highest morbidity once people start to receive their second booster – it is a shell game, and hopefully some of you have acquainted yourselves enough with COVID-19 case calculations to understand this.) I would hope that you all believe in, and will start to speak out for, human rights for every person in Canada regardless of medical status, as the alternative is to revisit some very dark times in history.

I thank you in advance for your clarification,

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