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Censorship and Defamation - Weapons of Control

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Sent: November 2, 2022 10:21 AM To: 'Gray, Tracy - M.P.' <> Cc: '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <> Subject: FW: Censorship and Defamation- Weapons of Control

Dear Tracy,

I hope you are well. I wanted to bring this article by Robert Malone to your attention, as well as the study that he cites therein: None of the assertions within this study, of course, are surprising to anyone who has been paying attention for the past few years. Nonetheless, it is nice to see that finally, the “anti-vaxxers” are being vindicated. As you will note from the study, the authors list several coercive tactics used by governmental and intergovernmental health authorities, including but not limited to:

  • Censorship of dissenting views (mask mandates/lockdown measures/vaccines/vaccine passports/origins of the virus/etc.);

  • Disparagement and defamation of anyone who opposes the official narrative (hurling pejoratives such as “quack”, “conspiracy theorist” and, my favourite – “anti-vaxxer”);

  • Funding “independent ‘third party sources’” to undermine anyone who questions the story including the recruitment of “fact-checking groups” that are owned and operated by corporations with a vested interest;

  • Using mainstream media to “stifle debate over COVID-19 policy and measures”, which sometimes led to the dismissal (constructive or otherwise) of the doctors studied;

  • The usage of social media to censor, de-platform, shadow ban and downrank anyone who argued against the mainstream narrative (which has extended so far as to even allow Google Docs, a private means of communication, to censor and restrict sharing capabilities);

  • Investigations into (and confiscation of) medical licenses to financially cripple anyone who dares to criticize the government or Big Pharma; and

  • Unexplained retractions of scientific papers offering opposing views to anything related to the Wuhan flu.

We can question the timing of publishing studies like this, along with this gem, issued this week: in light of the fact that the official narrative regarding COVID-19 and “vaccines” seems to be unravelling. Regardless, finally it appears that the critical thinkers are actually being allowed a platform to voice their opinions – and only three years too late.

As you are aware, the tactics described in the Springer study have been largely utilized by all governments in Canada. Taxpayer funds have been (mis)used to influence the public’s views on COVID-19 and the vaccines:, CBC has been weaponized to disseminate the Liberal Party’s agenda and no politician has been brave enough to launch into an inquiry into the numerous financial conflicts of interest revolving around COVID-19 policies, which is why I am writing to you today.

By copy of this letter to Mr. Poilievre, Mr. Singh and M. Blanchet, I am asking on behalf of the Canadian public (and especially the “fringe” minority that has been persecuted, attacked and blamed without any scientific justification for the past eighteen months) that a formal inquiry be launched into the following:

  • Why our federal government immediately accepted the CCP’s lockdown techniques when faced with the COVID-19 “pandemic”, with no regard for accepted virology and epidemiology practises, not to mention Charter rights and freedoms;

  • Whether any politician has received, either directly or indirectly, benefits or incentives to endorse or approve COVID-19 restrictions, including the implementation of a “vaccine pass” (Mr. Trudeau’s relationship to Acuitas, and the heavily redacted vaccine contracts, would be good places to start);

  • Whether the Liberal Party has misapplied federal funds (and committed treason) by using said funds to attack and discredit scholars and to influence the Canadian public via militarized brainwashing techniques to accept its tyrannical restrictions for the “greater good” (see this link for a partial listing of the misappropriation of taxpayer funds:;

  • Whether mainstream media has been illegally weaponized as a Big Pharma and Big Government mouthpiece (of course, we already know the answer to this one);

  • Whether our governments have improperly interfered with the healthcare profession, and practitioners’ abilities to treat patients in accordance with the Hippocratic Oath and their best judgment;

  • Whether our governments unlawfully prevented the treatment of Canadian healthcare patients with known therapeutics like Vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin; and

  • The relationship between our federal government and Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social media platforms (we already know they are in bed with the CCP-owned and operated TikTok:

I’m sure you can think of more questions for the inquiry, unfortunately I do have to get back to work to pay for all of Mr. Trudeau’s vanity projects.

Mr. Singh: cc’ing you, of course, is a courtesy. I’m trying to figure out what Mr. Trudeau will have to do in order to lose your treasonous support; apparently statutory rape, unjustified use of emergency powers, widespread abuse of taxpayer funds and a general disregard for all things democratic just aren’t enough to deter you from aiding and abetting in the destruction of this country!

Thanks for your help with this, I am happy to discuss further if you would like.

Read Article Here


From: Gray, Tracy - M.P. <> Sent: November 7, 2022 3:04 PM Subject: RE: Censorship and Defamation- Weapons of Control

Thank you for your email and for your engagement. As always, I appreciate hearing from you.

I will certainly keep your concerns, thoughts, and suggestions in mind as I discuss matters with my colleagues in the Official Opposition.

I know that you are aware through our extensive previous correspondence that we in the Official Opposition have been the only federal party in the House of Commons to call for an end to all federal vaccine mandates and indeed we have been the only voice calling out the Liberal government’s vilification and polarization of Canadians as it relates to this matter. Please know that we in the Official Opposition will continue to do so and there could be a variety of options available to us once we are in government to look back at the transparency and accountability of this Liberal government during their time in power. I’ll also mention that the Leader of the Official Opposition called for an end to the ongoing vaccine mandates that are currently still in place for the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Thank you again for your email and please stay well. Feel free to reach out any time.

In your service,

Tracy Gray

Member of Parliament (Kelowna-Lake Country)

Shadow Minister for Employment, Future Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion

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