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Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 6, 2022 3:58 PM To: BRODIE FENLON <>; CBC Ombud <> Cc:;;;;;;;; Subject: FACT CHECK - Plan to lift COVID-19 measures like being 'abandoned' by government, say immunocompromised Albertans

Mr. Fenlon,

My bad. I clicked on one of the CBC’s stories (referenced above), knowing full well it would be full of lies and omissions, but I perversely did it anyway. Apparently I have some latent masochistic propensities that need to be addressed. However, now that I can’t unread the train=wreck that is this article, and noting that yet again there is no reporter credited with this story (presumably because he or she was too embarrassed to be associated with it), let’s address just a few of the mistruths presented by CBC in the article:

  1. The medical segregation currently being illegally imposed by Mr. Kenney’s government is working to protect the immunocompromised and reduce cases and hospitalizations: False. As you are well aware, the Government of Alberta’s own statistics very clearly show that cases and hospitalizations have steadily risen since January 2021, with no statistical variation to this rise after “vaccine passports” were implemented. Indeed, “case” numbers are at an all-time high: not exactly a resounding testament to the efficacy of these “vaccines”.

  2. Restaurants that impose the vaccine passport are “protecting” customers from the unvaccinated: False. Restaurant owners, managers, waitstaff, cooks, delivery staff and bartenders are all allowed to be unvaccinated. The only people who are required to be vaccinated are the only people not touching food, drinks, cutlery or tables, or interacting with other patrons. Because, obviously, #science.

  3. Restaurants and other public venues that discriminate against the unvaccinated (and those who refuse to disclose their medical status as protected by our Constitution) have a lower rate of COVID-19 transmission: False, for two reasons: (a) no study has shown any significant rate of transmission in a restaurant, theater, etc., regardless of vaccine status, and (b) infected vaccinated people have the same viral load as unvaccinated people and are therefore equally likely to spread this virus. This is especially true where over 70% of COVID-19 cases are currently being experienced in the fully vaccinated, and when the majority of the population, vaccinated and unvaccinated, has already been exposed to the virus and has immunity to it.

  4. It is society’s responsibility to protect immunocompromised people from being exposed to viruses: False. Every person in society is responsible for his or her own health. If one is immunocompromised, he or she cannot expect the public to eradicate all germs, leaving only a sterile environment. Humans have evolved with viruses for millennia; how exactly do we anticipate being able to divorce ourselves from this symbiotic relationship in the span of two years? Has anyone even thought of the long-term implications to one’s immunity of living in a bubble? And, if we really did want to protect the immunocompromised, why does the vaccine passport system not also require full vaccination for the flu, measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc., etc. (you know – the vaccines that actually do work to prevent transmission of the diseases they purport to prevent), or negative testing for all of these maladies prior to entry?

  5. People with type 1 diabetes support segregation programs: False. Would you like me to direct you to a Calgarian with type 1 diabetes who vehemently rejects all COVID-19 mandates because they are discriminatory? Or is your Liberal party bonus structure predicated on your complete inability to report objectively? (Rhetorical question, obviously, given the CBC’s inability to report anything honestly or objectively.) Speaking on a personal level, as a cancer survivor, I can honestly tell you that people who are, or have been, very ill, know better than anyone else that life is short, and we are most likely to be living every moment to the fullest, rather than hiding under our beds from a virus with a lower fatality rate than the flu.

  6. People with type 1 diabetes are inhibited from socializing with others due to their risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms: False. And completely idiotic, on its face. As you are more than aware, more than 80% of people who die “of” COVID-19 have four or more comorbidities. A healthy 37 year-old living with type 1 diabetes is not at high risk for COVID-19 complications. Except in CBC-land, of course.

The hypochondria is out of control. Unvaccinated does not equate to “diseased”, notwithstanding the CBC’s penchant for rhetoric and hyperbole. And, a reminder that Mr. Trudeau is about to be escorted out of office, and when that happens there will be a plethora of investigations into the wrongful acts of anyone supporting his narrative. I’m looking forward to the day that CBC (and each of its executive and management, in their personal capacity) is both held criminally liable for its part in this orchestrated hijacking of common sense, and defunded so that it may no longer harm the Canadian public.

I’d ask you to reconsider the role that CBC is playing in the destruction of Canadian society, but it is apparent that no one working in your organization has ever cared about Canada, or Canadian values.

As they say, I don’t watch CBC for the same reason I don’t eat from the toilet. Shame on you.

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