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Capital Gains Home Tax

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: December 13, 2021 2:51 PM To:;;; Cc: Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;; Subject: Capital gains home tax Gentlemen,

I guess it makes a nice change for me to be writing a letter trying to protect my financial autonomy as opposed to my bodily autonomy this fine December afternoon. I’ve cc’d Mr. Gerretsen, who I understand just failed to obtain unanimous approval for his motion declaring that the federal government will never tax capital gains on a primary residence. Let’s go through the insanity of the Liberal Government even trying to implement a tax on one’s primary residence:

  • When an individual buys a home in this country, he or she uses after-tax income for the downpayment. He or she then pays a mortgage, with after-tax dollars, along with interest, to the bank. The bank then pays the government tax, based on its revenue. All money invested into a home has thus been thoroughly taxed, at all levels.

  • While a person is living in his or her home, he or she pays all maintenance and improvement expenses with after-tax dollars, along with a lot of sweat equity. These expenses are usually not eligible for any tax write-offs.

  • If a person is “lucky” enough to be able to write off a part of his or her expenses due to working from home, etc., he or she is constrained in the proportion of the house that can be written off, regardless of how many hours worked in that house, or the space used for working.

  • A home is one’s largest asset, and is generally sold toward the end of life to pay for one’s very expensive final years on this planet (another win for socialized healthcare). The expectation for all Canadians is that this asset will not be touched by the government, which, as we know, has its thieving paws on all aspects of everyone’s financial life.

Just in case you weren’t sure where I stand on this issue, I’ll spell it out:

  • The Liberal government needs to stop spending money it does not have, and then expecting Canadians to bail it out. We are facing hyper-inflation square in the face due to your bumbling leader and his idiotic philosophy that budgets balance themselves. And just a reminder – 20% of this country voted for Mr. Trudeau. The other 80% despise him – and that is being generous.

  • Mr. Trudeau’s incompetence is exceeded only by that of his health and financial ministers. I understand why Ms. Freeland would like to access Canadians’ home equity, given that she only recently discovered home ownership when her parents helped her qualify for a mortgage in her 40’s. Perhaps if she had spent her 20’s and 30’s building home equity like the rest of us, she would feel more protective about that equity.

  • Canadians are sick and tired of constantly being attacked and undermined by our own government. The Liberals would rather fund developing nations and Russian and Saudi oil than support citizens of this country and to develop its own self-sustaining industries. We all understand exactly why this is happening; our leaders are treasonous and have sold out to China and the WHO’s globalist agenda. Please rest assured that the multiple crimes against Canadian citizenry are being duly noted and, thankfully, it appears that Canadians are finally realizing they are under siege due to the ridiculous “pandemic” we are currently experiencing. As they say, you can fool all of the people, some of the time.

  • The current rate of taxation for high earners is approximately 50%. Let me tell you how much I enjoy paying half of my income to government workers to keep devising more ways in which to fornicate with my future.

Please vote against any measures to implement further taxation on the backs of weary Canadians. I thank you for doing your part to prevent Canada from becoming (more) like Venezuela.

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