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"Canadian PM Trudeau tests positive for COVID a second time"

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: June 13, 2022 11:11 AM To: Cc:;;;;;;;; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;; Subject: "Canadian PM Trudeau tests positive for COVID a second time"

Mr. Trudeau,

I understand that you are currently infected (and infectious) with COVID-19 for a second time within the span of five months. I also understand that this is at least the third time, within 27 months, that you have been exposed to COVID-19. Question for you: If the vaccine doesn’t prevent one from contracting COVID-19 multiple times, how, exactly, do you defend violating the Charter rights of unvaccinated Canadians and prohibiting them from travel? It appears that you admit that the COVID-19 vaccine are non-sterilizing (aka “leaky”), and are therefore unable to prevent the transmission of this virus; given that admission, surely it is up to each Canadian to assess how large a threat COVID-19 poses to him or her, and then choose whether to vaccinate, or remain unvaccinated, based on that assessment? Or is that too logical a position for your administration?

As you know, last week, Conservative MP Michael Barrett asked PHAC President Harpreet Kochhar for the metrics justifying your continued enforcement of tyrannical vaccine mandates. Mr. Kochhar’s response appears to have been along the lines of “it’s an art, not a science”. This comes on the heels of Theresa Tam admitting the vaccines don’t work and that the disease is endemic, several US congressmen calling Canada an oppressive regime, your own caucus calling for the end of travel mandates, and of course, Mr. Mendocino’s disgraceful lies over the past few months regarding the enactment of the Emergencies Act.

Thank you, yet again, for showing each and every Canadian that your vaccine mandates, gun laws, censorship bills, etc. have nothing to do with logic, or the best interests of each citizen of this country, but are solely intended to further your continued and unlawful power grab. And a special shout out to Mr. Singh for his treasonous betrayal of, and complete disregard for, his constituents and the Canadian Constitution.

Incidentally, it appears that contracting COVID-19 post-vaccine may result in sepsis and autoimmune disease, which would be worrisome if you were vaccinated. Of course, anyone who has watched the footage of you and your “wife” being “vaccinated”, is very skeptical that you even received the shot in the first place, so this is likely a non-issue. (Video footage attached, to remind you of that time you received a vaccine from a nurse who didn’t landmark your deltoid, plunged it into your culture-appropriating tattoo and failed to aspirate it, all in contravention of best practises:

Please consider this as yet another request that your government publish all data that justify its continued abridgment of my Constitutional rights. And my congratulations that you are the topic of Amazon Canada’s best-selling book this week (!!

Regards, from one of many, many, many, members of the fringe.

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