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Bill C-8 - Please vote no

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: May 3, 2022 11:32 AM To: Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: Bill C-8 - Please vote no

Good morning Tracy,

I understand the above-referenced Bill is undergoing its third reading in Parliament, and wanted to voice my concern over Parts 4, 5 and 6 of the Bill (I’d probably be concerned about all of the other parts too, but haven’t read them yet – it’s a delicate balance of preserving my sanity and knowing my enemy). I’m not sure if our current Liberal Government is aware of this, but the COVID-19 “pandemic” is over in the vast majority of the world, except for those headed by globalist drama majors puppets. Indeed, there is widespread debate amongst health professionals as to whether there ever was a pandemic in the first place, given that Canada’s mortality rate remained constant from 2018-2020. 2021 is a different story, but I think it’s safe to say we all agree why excess mortality (especially in younger demographics) suddenly increased after the vaccine program was implemented. Climate change, of course! Or are we blaming Putin now - it’s hard to keep up.

Please be advised that my family, and the neighbours with whom I have spoken, do not want our current government to spend any more resources on COVID-19. Specifically, I disagree with the following sections of Bill C-8:

  1. Part 4, which anticipates spending $100 million dollars on ventilation improvement in schools: As you are aware, throughout the “pandemic”, healthy children had a mortality rate of exactly 0% from COVID-19. No data have shown that schools are unsafe, nor that they were instrumental in the transmission of COVID-19. It is clear that the federal government has no interest in actually increasing the health of students within schools: if it did, it would expend its resources on replacing carcinogenic hand sanitizers with vitamin D supplements and probiotics, it would prohibit the usage of online schooling and masks by youth to prevent developmental and linguistic delays, and it would have encouraged physical activity instead of singlehandedly causing obesity and depression in our youth over the past two years.

  2. Part 5, which anticipates spending $300 million to the provinces and territories supporting COVID-19 “proof-of-vaccination initiatives”: Anyone, with any ability to read data, understands that the “vaccine” rollout has been a catastrophic worldwide failure as COVID-19 cases and fatality rates rose exponentially after the introduction of these programs in each country, including, of course, Canada. On top of this, Dr. Theresa Tam herself, Canada’s top COVID-19 doomsday misinformation spreader, recently admitted that the non-sterilizing, therapeutic, experimental treatments that are currently being administered to the Canadian public are ineffective against the Omicron and other variants. Why on God’s green earth are we expending hundreds of millions of dollars to promote the medical discrimination of 15% of the Canadian population? And specifically, why is this government misusing my tax money to illegally violate my Charter rights as well as imprison me in Canada with no chance to flee this communist nightmare?

  3. Part 6, which anticipates spending $1.72 billion on COVID-19 tests: As you are aware, the “active ingredient” in these tests is sodium azide. Here is the Safety Data Sheet for one of the common COVID-19 rapid test devices: The sheet notes that sodium azide is classified as a “dangerous component”. Per the CDC, inhalation or ingestion of sodium azide is toxic to one’s body, as it prevents one’s cells from using oxygen, and the organs most at risk from exposure to this poison are the heart and brain: Of course, sodium azide is especially dangerous because it is odorless as a solid, and may not even be noticeable as a gas such that a person would recognize and remove herself from danger. Sodium azide is also toxic to pets and aquatic life, and can poison one’s water source when disposed of incorrectly. The internet advises that the impact of hundreds of thousands of these single-use tests (classified as “medical waste”) being disposed of improperly in landfills is “something to question”. For a government that claims to care about the environment, and health of its citizens, the Liberals sure have a funny way of showing their love. (Note that I haven’t addressed the utility of widespread testing of healthy populations in order to support the government’s violation of unalienable rights and freedoms – I don’t think we need to go into this, as everyone (who hasn’t been financially or politically compromised) knows that testing asymptomatic people with a faulty and toxic test is completely bizarre.)

Please vote “no” on Bill C-8, and any other Bill that redirects taxpayer money into funding further COVID-19 theatrics. As you have no doubt noticed, the country is going bankrupt under current “leadership”, and the only way to salvage what is left of this country is to turn off the money tap. I’ve cc’d all party leaders, including Ms. May, who has been surprisingly silent about single-use, toxic, plastic COVID-19 tests being disposed of in landfills at breakneck pace, and Mr. Singh, who is singlehandedly responsible for destroying Canada due to his complete abandonment of his constituency in favour of his young globalist buddies.

As usual, I remain horrified by the state of this country, and pray every day that our political leaders will start worrying about karma … or the prospect of a fiery eternity.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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