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Bill C-10 - version 2.0

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 4, 2022 12:37 PM To: Cc:;;;;;; Subject: Bill C-10 - version 2.0

Mr. Hussen,

I understand you are planning to re-introduce this “anti-hate” bill. Can you please confirm that this bill will prohibit people from wearing blackface whilst stuffing a banana in their pants to perpetuate racist stereotypes, culturally appropriating others by wearing ridiculous and stereotypical outfits while acting as an ambassador to Canada, slandering hardworking Canadians by falsely alleging they are white supremacists, supporting violent movements where statues are torn down and (actually) desecrated, and also criminalize any governmental party proven to pay or coerce a private party to insert him or herself into a crowd to create the appearance of insurrection and racism, including but not limited to Mr. Trudeau’s private photographer?

Also, while you are at it, can we add a clause that retroactively prohibits any MP from raping an underage girl while teaching at a private school, and then either threatening or bribing her to keep the story hidden? And, will it address vaccine mandates and forced medical treatments, which on their face discriminate against visible minorities, especially our Indigenous brothers and sisters? Asking for 36,000,000 Canadians.

Also, please be aware that Canadians have had enough of your communist, dictatorial government. Last year we successfully fought Bill C-10, and this year you have even less support from the populace.

You should be ashamed of yourself. And I have a message from a friend of mine who is currently in Ottawa, exercising her lawful right to peaceful expression: “Honk honk”.

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