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Bill C-10

Updated: May 30, 2022

Sent: May 17, 2021 11:52 AM To: Cc: Guilbeault, Honorable Steven (PCH) <>;;;; Subject: Bill C-10

Dear Sir,

I was horrified to read this morning that your party intends to support Bill C-10, an entirely unconstitutional and illegal attempt to suppress free speech in this country. I understand that, because I live in British Columbia, the Block Quebecois does not care about me; what I don’t understand is why the Bloc is so intent on destroying Canada when it does so well financially by being a part of this country. You are playing an extremely dangerous game in that I don’t think you realize how angry the rest of Canada is with this Liberal Government and the corruption and deceit that has been omnipresent for the past six years.

Canada cannot survive any more abuse by the Liberals, especially when the Bloc and the NDP feel the need to support their minority position for their own gain.

I am thoroughly disgusted by your actions and implore you to rethink your position on this matter. If Bill C-10 is passed, Canada will have completely transitioned to fascism and this will ring the death knell for the beautiful and democratic country that we all once loved.

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