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"Being vocally opposed to masks... is similar to a three-year-old..."

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2022 10:40 AM To: steven.taylor@ubc.caCc:; Subject: "Being vocally opposed to masks... is similar to a three-year-old who challenges authority and refuses to clean his room"

Dr. Taylor,

I note that your “anti-mask study” as referenced by The Canadian Press was financed by The Canadian Institutes of Health Research, which, “[s]ince March 2020, . . . has invested approximately $320 million in more than 800 COVID-19 research projects” with an emphasis on “pandemic communications” and the promotion of “vaccine confidence”.

I also note that your study appears to have (deliberately?) omitted one of the most effective “persuasion strategies” (aka doublethink) used to coerce people to wear masks: Surely you meant to add Strategy Number 7 to your list of coercive messaging techniques: Demean, insult and criticize anyone who dares to question the prevailing narrative (e.g., “Being vocally opposed to masks is similar to a three year-old who challenges authority and refuses to clean his room”.)

As you are (or should be) aware, there are many “anti-mask” studies showing the negligible utility of masking citizens to prevent the transmission of a virus (for a nice summary of the flaws in cited studies, you can read here: I’ve also attached another article addressing the uselessness of cloth masks.

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Of course, as a mental health “expert”, you are also aware that masking people is extremely detrimental to childhood development and emotional health. However, financial remuneration is, as always, more important than intellectual honesty (or curiosity). And, it’s much easier to label “anti-maskers” as having antisocial and narcissistic personality traits rather than attribute any rationale to their behaviour.

Castanet: do you ever feel just a teeny, weeny bit of remorse for unblinkingly regurgitating the narrative to your eight elderly readers? Do any of you realize that you are all cogs in this Orwellian nightmare as you quash opposing opinions, blindly accept the most irrational of statements from our governments, and actively attack slander critical thinkers?

To quote Mr. Orwell, “[I]f thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought”. Of course, Mr. Orwell also noted that, early in his life, he “had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper”.

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