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BC COVID-19 Statistics for December 30, 2021

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Date: December 30, 2021 at 7:29:00 PM PST To:,, Cc: CBC Ombud <>, BRODIE FENLON <>,,,, Subject: BC COVID-19 Statistics for December 30, 2021

Dr. Henry,

Thank you for rolling out your updated COVID-19 provincial numbers today. They confirmed everything I have suspected for the past year. As you are aware, from December 22-28, 2021 there were a total of 15,429 “cases” in BC, with fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated comprising 85.8% of that total. From December 15-28, 2021, the number of fully and partially vaccinated hospitalizations were 45.3%. Looking back at your statistics from earlier this year, from October 8-1, 2021, the vaccinated made up 38.2% of “cases”, and from October 1-14, 2021, made up 31.2% of hospitalizations, while from November 22-28, 2021, the vaccinated comprised 45.8% of “cases” and from November 15-28, made up 39.5% of hospitalizations. Using my handy dandy calculator, it appears that from early October until now, vaccinated “cases” have increased by 224%, and hospitalizations have increased by 145%. Conversely, unvaccinated “cases” have decreased by 435%, and hospitalizations have decreased by 125%. I can’t wait to review your data by March, 2022, when at this rate the unvaccinated will comprise a negative portion of “cases”.

Remind me again how successful your vaccine program has been? (I know, I know – the first two didn’t work, but that just means everyone needs to line up for a third shot (with the same ingredients) which is bound to bring us all “back to normal”.) (We’ll disregard the data showing that after 3 months the booster will have negative efficacy – the solution to that, of course, will be another booster, right? And we’ll also disregard the disproportionately high number of strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, stillbirths, etc. in young people that are being seen in hospitals, because that doesn’t fit in with the “safe and effective” narrative.) I also note that, yesterday, you advised double vaccinated people not to go for COVID-19 testing, presumably because you realize how abysmal the current numbers are, and how clearly they undermine your assertions that vaccination is the way out of this pandemic. It would certainly bolster your assertion that the unvaccinated are spreading this virus if you could just stop the testing of all vaccinated individuals, wouldn’t it?

I’m also curious, and perhaps someone from your office would be so kind as to respond, how, once your December 30, 2021 statistics are “adjusted for age”, the vaccinated comprise 47% of “cases”, and 6.9% of hospitalizations? Surely a better measure of comparison would be for you to publish the cases and hospitalizations per age group, rather than adjusting these rates without advising your formulae? And while you’re at it, how about creating a separate category for those who contract COVID-19 less than 14 days post-vaccine? This column could, of course, potentially highlight the number of adverse vaccine effects currently being experienced within all hospitals within this province, so again, I understand your hesitancy to be transparent.

And speaking of adjusting for age, you recently advised that children were at great risk of contracting COVID-19. Why are you not reporting the number of “cases” and hospitalizations in children under 18? Surely this would help to alleviate the “vaccine hesitancy” of which you accuse so many?

Recent data out of the UK indicate that 1/3 of COVID-19 “cases” are transmitted in hospital settings. How confident are you that British Columbia’s numbers are not the same? That would be another category I’d like to see in your reporting, going forward.

On November 2, 2021, 445 individuals in BC were hospitalized “with” COVID-19, with 137 of those in intensive care. Your latest statistics show that, within BC, 211 people “with” COVID-19 are hospitalized, with 66 of those in intensive care. Rather than herald this as proof that the “pandemic” is waning, you yet again point to the dreaded “case” count to drum up fear and justify this latest tyrannical round of restrictions, notwithstanding the fact that, just a few months ago, the Government of BC committed to stop reporting case numbers due to the fact that it is (a) not a good measure for the “pandemic”, and (b) the PCR test is notorious for producing false positives, and indeed will no longer be used in the US as of this Saturday. Attempting (and I do mean attempting, because no one I know adhered to your Stalinesque guidelines) to manipulate people into shunning their friends and family during the Christmas season for the second year running is beyond cold and cruel.

You no doubt have read Dr. Theresa Nicassio’s powerful and astute assessment of the psychological torture you are inflicting upon the citizens of BC. If, for some reason, you missed Dr. Nicassio’s article, here is the link for your review: I’m sure that you are also aware that many therapists have compared this Government’s current tactics of isolating people, removing their ability to earn a living, constantly moving goalposts and shaming them for contracting the common cold, to an abusive relationship. Many citizens of British Columbia are well aware that the Government has declared war on us, psychologically and financially. While you had the advantage of planning this attack for several years before pulling the trigger, rest assured we are mobilizing to take back our power. And judging from the number of open spots you currently have for booster reservations, it appears that our numbers are growing quite quickly.

This next portion is addressed to the media that I have cc’d, as I am confused as to why they aren’t asking any questions regarding the above. I’d like to ask you each a very serious question: assuming, for one minute, that the conspiracy theorists are even partially correct (again) in their assumption that the current COVID-mania is being used to usher in the Great Reset, where do you think you fit into Klaus Schwab’s scheme? Do each of you see yourself as an elite, useful idiot, or useless eater? I have bad news for you: not even Bonnie Henry or John Horgan is an elite (I leave it to you to determine into which of the other categories they fall), so it is extremely unlikely that you will fall into that category. (I suspect Dr. Henry and Mr. Horgan will be the scapegoats when this whole scheme unravels – but I suppose we’ll have to wait for a few more months before we can confirm the accuracy of my crystal ball.)

Unfortunately, whether one is a useful idiot or a useless eater, the outcome will be the same as they will both be exterminated by Mr. Schwab and crew. Judging from your willingness to spout the globalist narrative, it appears you are happy to accept that outcome. I, however, am not willing to lie down and acquiesce, and I invite you to join me in taking back our country, strong and free.

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