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BC CDC COVID-19 Numbers

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: March 31, 2022 12:13 PM To: Cc:;;;; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;;;;;;;; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <>;; Subject: BC CDC COVID-19 Numbers

Dr. Henry,

I’ve reviewed the latest COVID-19 data as reported yesterday by Castanet and other news sources, and note the following:

  • According to the BC CDC’s data, when one factors in the unvaccinated 0-4 year olds, plus the very low rate of unvaccinated 5-11 year olds, it appears that the number of “double vaccinated” people in British Columbia totals approximately 4,256,968, or 81.6% of the population. (Note that I had to use 2016 census data to calculate the number of 0-4 and 5-11 year olds, as the Government’s data does not provide a firm number of children vaccinated in this age category, only a percentage calculation.) This, of course, means that the percentage of the population that is unvaccinated is 18.4%. (I note that your official data varies by a few percentage points – but I also note your office reports that 101.53% of the over-80’s are double vaccinated. Amazing!)

  • The reported percentage of “cases” of COVID-19 in the unvaccinated from March 22-28, 2022 is 17.7% (but only 16.2% when partially vaccinated individuals are excluded).

  • The reported percentage of “hospitalizations” for COVID-19 in the unvaccinated from March 22-28, 2022 is 20.4% (but only 16.8% when partially vaccinated individuals are excluded).

  • As you are more than aware, the most likely time for someone to contract COVID-19 is within the 14 day time period after vaccination.

  • Your office never reports the percentage, or number, of vaccinated versus unvaccinated deaths – which is, of course, the one calculation that actually matters – however, we can extrapolate as we know that 90% of COVID-19 deaths in the UK, Israel and other highly vaccinated countries are in the double, triple and quadruple-jabbed.

  • On November 29, 2021 there were 2882 active COVID-19 cases in the province of BC, with 303 hospitalized and 115 in intensive care. Your data from yesterday does not report the total number of cases (hmmmm), but indicates that 276 are hospitalized and 43 are in intensive care. So, just to get this straight with Mr. Duclos and Mr. Alghabra (cc’d) – on November 29, 2021, when our provincial hospitalization numbers were higher, I was allowed to take a plane or a train, but now this is too dangerous in the eyes of the federal government?

Can you really justify discriminating against unvaccinated people based on your office’s own data? You are aware that the COVID-19 “vaccine” has, at best, a 4 month period of efficacy. At worst, and when one doesn’t play the Pfizer shell game of counting the recently vaccinated as part of the “unvaccinated” group, it has no efficacy at all – except for the negative efficacy that has been shown to occur worldwide after the vaccine “honeymoon” period. I see that the FDA and the CDC have now approved jabs number 4 and 5 for certain demographics and I must admit, I am looking forward to the mathematical contortionism that your office will have to utilize in order to justify the next rollout of taxpayer-funded genocide (or is it really just incompetence? So hard to distinguish the two these days).

I’ve cc’d your federal counterparts, since the numbers are the same across the country. Just a reminder that your discrimination of the unvaccinated is completely baseless, unscientific, and illegal, and the fact that you are knowingly and willfully perpetrating this crime – as well as coercing an experimental and sometimes fatal treatment - upon Canadian citizens will, of course, come to light and be prosecuted in due course.

Feel free to call me and explain how my calculations above are incorrect.

I’ve cc’d Cindy at Castanet, who reported the above data but didn’t bother asking any pertinent questions. Cindy – why am I doing your job for you??

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