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"B.C's Healthcare COVID Vaccine Mandate Could Be Made Permanent"

Sent: March 17, 2023 10:55 AM

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Subject: "B.C's Healthcare COVID Vaccine Mandate Could Be Made Permanent"


Dr. Henry, Mr. Dix, Mr. Letnick,

I write to you today, not with the hope that you will “follow the science”, let alone listen to reason or follow your conscience.  The past few years is proof perfect that none of these pleas can overcome the bureaucratic and tyrannical machine that is the current BC Government, replete with fascist health mandates that do not comport with the raw data, nor do they align with any other jurisdiction in the world at this point.

Clearly, COVID-19 in British Columbia is a unique and fearsome animal, which can only be attacked with obsolete and ineffective experimental medical treatments – and never with Ivermectin, Quercetin, Vitamin D, C, Zinc or other harmless supplements and medications that may support one’s immunity without subjecting him or her to increased stroke, myocarditis and clotting risks.

I wanted to share this video with you, as it perfectly expresses my feelings toward this current government, with its nonsensical mandates meant solely to beat its targets into submission, ready for the next round of Charter infringements:

.  In particular, here is my promise to you that the good citizens of British Columbia fully understand that our current government is neither competent, ignorant or reactive;  rather, you have engaged, and continue to engage in, a targeted attack on the very people who pay your salaries, provide you with authority, and trust you to act in our interests.

Dr. Henry:  I’m still waiting for a response to my January, 2022 FOI submission which requests, in part, the BC CDC’s categorization of vaccine status, as well as age adjustment calculations.  Thirty days to receive a FOI request appears to be a lot like “two weeks to flatten the curve”.

Have the day you deserve.

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