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Attn: Mr. Klaus Schwab, Re: Elite Job Application Opportunities

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: May 19, 2022 9:31 AM To:; Subject: Attn: Mr. Klaus Schwab, Re: Elite Job Application Opportunities

Dear Sir or Madam,

If it doesn’t trouble you too much, can you please forward my email to Mr. Schwab?

Dear Mr. Schwab,

I wanted to reach out to you as a citizen of Canada to express my admiration at your honesty and direct approach in informing the citizens of the planet of all of your “big plans” for us, including the Great Reset, where we will “own nothing and be happy”, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and of course your agenda to shoot us all up with experimental mRNA “vaccines” whilst we enjoy a meal of fresh bugs. You are an engineer, like my father, and almost the same age as my father as well. I think though, this is where the similarities may end.

In terms of your ideas, I do have a few minor criticisms and comments, which I hope you will take in the spirit in which they are offered:

First off, I totally understand why you want to reduce the population of the planet; I too am not a big fan of people. However, sterilizing and murdering people with experimental mRNA vaccines under the threat of financial ruin and societal isolation seems a little bit … how should I say … extreme? Might I suggest that you go back to the old school approach of supporting the education of women (and all people), as well as providing birth control, in those populations experiencing the greatest growth? I’m just a little concerned about you suffering eternal damnation – and at your age, there aren’t that many years left for redemption of a lifetime of sins. As an aside, I read the article on the WEF’s website entitled “Why we need global cooperation on decarbonizing cities and real estate”: the one mode of decarbonization that wasn’t mentioned is a good old fashioned genocide, given that humans are 18% carbon – I’m assuming that strategy was meant to be read between the lines? Also, I’m a little confused about the WEF’s role in promoting COVID-19 vaccines; surely it isn’t a good plan to mass murder all the sheep via blood clots and cancers, only to be left with the critical thinkers and dissenters? Have you thought this one through? Or, when the last octupled jabbee dies with a broken immune system, will someone jump out of a cake and congratulate all of us unvaxxed societal pariahs for passing the IQ test? (I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate that idea.)

Second of all, I am all for the Great Reset, as long as you and your friends are the first ones who relinquish all possessions and shows us how happy you are in the process! I mean, we all know it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, and re: point 1 above, your time is tick tocking. The internet tells me your net worth is somewhere between $7-30M currently, but I’m thinking that is a bit (lot) light, given your influence on global leaders, including my current Prime Minister, his toadie, our NDP Opposition Leader, and of course, your favourite foot-picker, Chrystia Freeland (the internet seems to have scrubbed video footage of Ms. Freeland picking at her bare feet in the House of Commons – should I be mad at government censorship, or relieved that my gag reflex won’t be tested today?). Either way, please start modeling a life of poverty, and I will consider joining you! (I’m afraid this means relinquishing holiday homes, yachts, jets, and Vanguard shares. Welcome to the life of the plebes!)

Thirdly, I have a question about how you are choosing your “Elites”. Clearly you haven’t appointed any of your young globalists due to their sparkling personality, humour, integrity or intelligence. Some of them appear to have been chosen for Nazi ties, and others for communist/socialist and extremist ties, with a healthy sprinkling of nepotism and unblinking compliance? I note the WEF has an article entitled “Leading with purpose to address talent scarcity” on its website; given the clear lack of talent within your “Elites”, perhaps you should revisit that article as a starting point? I really think you would have more success with global brainwashing if you picked leaders who are a bit more dynamic, and can speak intelligently to the tyranny they are enforcing. Right now, none of them are very good at justifying any of their draconian mandates, beyond a few trite phrases, and I’m afraid the masses are catching on to the grift. And speaking of the Elites, I understand you are all converging in Davos in the next few days to discuss how you can manage us illiterate proletariat; I hope you all enjoy your flights via private jet, replete with cocktails and caviar, so that you can meet to address the issues of climate change, poverty and food shortages. I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us next! Shackles for the common good? Electric shock collars to “encourage” groupthink? The sky really is the limit with you guys!

Fourth, and with no disrespect to you intended, several people much smarter than I have noted your similarity to a Bond-esque villain. Maybe lay off terms like “transhumanism” and “implantable microchips” for a while? As well as concepts such as the government “reading our thoughts and influencing our behaviour”, enduring a “detailed bran scan to assess an individual’s security risk” when crossing a national border and, of course, everyone’s favourite concept: imbibing sewage and eating bugs. You really need to slow down on your introduction of maggot burgers and poop water for the rednecks who like a steak and beer on Friday nights; people are starting to notice the cray-cray.

Finally, can you please advise if there is an application form that one may fill out in order to be considered for your “Elite” flock? I really don’t think I’ll make a good cyber slave, and my thoughts will definitely fail Mr. Trudeau’s brain scanner. I’m not very strong or compliant, either, so that rules out manual labour. Although I unfortunately have a lot of national pride and loyalty, as well as personal integrity, I feel like perhaps there is a place for me somewhere in your globalist team. Maybe you can hire me for public relations, so I can explain to citizens of the world how you are just a misunderstood, avuncular senior citizen who wants to help humanity unite for the common good before senility takes (more of) a hold on you? Or perhaps I can be part of your test group so that when you are trying out new strategies to create fear and panic in the lemmings (monkeypox, avian flu, global supply shortages, etc.), I can advise when even the average person’s gullibility is being tested? (Not that you asked me, but I really think back-to-back pandemics might wake up even the sleepiest of sheep – especially when the last “pandemic” involved dancing hospital staff, standing on stickers at Costco and wearing cute little unicorn masks to try to prevent a virus that has been mutating for eternity.)

I look forward to your response! Please say hi to all of your buddies next week, on my behalf. And please advise that, as they know, at least 30% of the world’s population is not buying what they are selling; of course, after the jabs run their course, that percentage will vastly increase.

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