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"Are the unvaccinated the most discriminated-against people in the last 51 years?"

Sent: October 13, 2022 11:34 AM To: '' <>; 'Colin Dacre' <>; '' <> Subject: "Are the unvaccinated the most discriminated-against people in the last 51 years?"

Dear Castanet,

Thank you for publishing this poll. Without going into the answer to this question, I’d like to pose a question back to you: If Castanet’s poll asked about discrimination against blacks, Jews, women, gays, Muslims or other minority groups, the response would be that if one is not a member of the target demographic, then he or she has no right to speak to the oppression such a group has experienced. How, exactly, is it different to ask the vaccinated in society, along with those who were instrumental in implementing and enforcing discriminatory tactics, whether the unvaccinated have been persecuted? How can they even dare to try to step into the shoes of the unvaccinated, who were (wrongly) vilified for spreading disease and killing Grandma, as well as being called anti-social, extremist and (per our PM) intolerable, whilst their Charter rights to freedom of religion and expression, as well as their rights to earn a living and travel, were violated? At one point in 2021 there was even talk of holding the unvaccinated down and forcing this treatment upon them (thanks, Jagmeet), and/or carting them off to quarantine “camps”. Good times, indeed.

Of course, even after pre-loading the poll, as of 11:33 am a surprising 52.8% of respondents (a number which is steadily increasing) have acknowledged the past two years’ blatant and unlawful discrimination of the unvaccinated.

I note that some of Castanet’s readers are still living in 2021, and are both blaming the unvaccinated for their actions as well as asserting that this discrimination was minor and necessary; how would they know any different when, this week alone, Castanet failed to report that:

  • Janine Small, Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets, admitted to the European Parliament that the COVID-19 vaccine was never tested for its ability to prevent human-to-human transmission of the COVID-19 virus in clinical trials because Pfizer was moving “at the speed of science”; and

  • Project Veritas tried to obtain a statement from Vanessa Gelman, Pfizer’s Senior Director Worldwide Research, Development & Medical Communications that she deliberately hid information regarding fetal cell lines being used in the “vaccines”, only for Ms. Gelman to sprint away as fast as she could rather than answer a very serious question which may have affected the decision of many to accept this treatment.

Perhaps Castanet would like to also report on these funding awards: Canadian taxpayers deserve the right to know how their money is being weaponized to brainwash and coerce them into accepting an experimental treatment for a disease with a lower fatality rate than the flu, wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks again for publishing the poll! It really gives me hope that so many of my fellow Okanagans can see through the government lies and coercive tactics (as well as the skewed journalistic reporting).

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