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All Animals are Equal - But Some are More Equal than Others

Sent: November 16, 2022 2:07 PM To:; Cc:;;;;; Subject: All Animals are Equal - But Some are More Equal than Others

Ontario Ministry,

I am writing to you today to nicely explain to you how democracy works … well – how it should work, anyway. Why do I care how the Ontario Government is abridging majority rule, you ask? Because, as we know, Ontario is the bellwether of this country and, unfortunately, from masks and vaccines to political corruption, we all know that what you start, my home province of BC will likely finish. (Fun fact: did you know that a bellwether is a bell hung around one sheep in a flock to designate it as the lead sheep? How apropos for a discussion regarding Canadian politics.)

As reported today by the CBC (so perhaps this isn’t even true?), Mr. Ford’s government is proposing legislation that would “give it a tighter grip on regional governance”, and allow certain Ontario mayors to pass bylaws with only one third of council’s votes in order to “cut red tape”. (I’m assuming that the mayors who made the cut for this legislation were the ones who donated most to each of your last electoral campaigns?) First of all, may I commend you on finally just admitting that you don’t care about even the semblance of majority rule. The past few years have shown the province of Ontario to be comprised of bullies: bullies who persecute peaceful protestors, bullies who destroy peoples’ livelihoods to prevent a disease less fatal than the flu (while concurrently providing themselves with handsome raises), bullies who force civilians to wear cloth masks that have no effect on viral prevention, bullies who take orders from traitors to this country, and bullies who encourage mob rule and witch hunts of the unvaccinated (who, ironically, are under-represented in Ontario hospitals at present – apparently we unjabbed are such hardy folk we can dodge Covid, flu and RSV infection, all at the same time!). And now, you are perfectly modelling Mr. Orwell’s tale of how some citizens just deserve more respect than others. Well done; you have achieved peak hubris. And, speaking of Mr. Orwell: what a fantastic name for your proposed legislation – the “Better Municipal Governance Act”. As Ronald Reagan once said, the most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”.

Just as a recap, the definition of democracy per Merriam-Webster is still “rule of the majority”, until you manage to bribe someone within that corporation to give it a doublespeak makeover. I know Ontario favours the “new math”, as well as the protection of fetish-loving shop teachers over the education of its minor students, but surely a few of you understand that 1/3 of council is nowhere near a majority? Or, are you all products of the Ontario school system, so aren’t able to calculate even basic equations? (Let me help you out: the City of Toronto has 25 councillors plus one mayor. This means that, at a very minimum, at least 14 councillors must agree on a motion in order to protect even a superficial façade that the will of the people is being honoured.)

How far do you think you can push ordinary civilians before they start pushing back? Asking for 15,000,000 of my friends who, I suspect, are getting mighty tired of paying ever-increasing taxes so that you may all enjoy the lives of privilege you believe you deserve with impunity. As James Arthur Baldwin once said, “The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.”

Or, are you just introducing this legislation to ensure that the Freedom Convoy becomes an annual celebration in your province? Lord knows everyone loves a good bouncy house and impromptu game of street hockey!

Your greed, avarice and lack of self-awareness is, as usual, reprehensible.

Regards – and Vive La Convoi de la Liberte!

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