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"$6.7 million on a Canada-wide research platform to understand the impact of COVID-19 on children"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: April 25, 2022 5:02 PM To:; Cc:;;;;;;; Subject: "$6.7 million on a Canada-wide research platform to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on children"

Mr. Duclos,

You are to be commended on your new and creative ways to urinate away the taxpayer’s money, with no accountability or metrics to even identify the success of a project. I see you have dedicated almost $7 million to be paid to researchers across the country to monitor COVID-19 infections, vaccination, and the social impact of the disease on children and youth.

Let me be the first to offer you a cost-savings suggestion on the first two items on your list: COVID-19 has not killed 1 healthy child in this country; however, COVID-19 vaccinations have killed at least three youth in Canada of which I am personally aware. Since we all know that the demographic most likely to die or suffer serious illness from COVID-19 are those over 60 years of age, and the odds of a healthy child dying from COVID-19 are almost 0.00%, let’s disregard both infection and vaccination as non-issues for every healthy kid in this country (excepting the vaccine-induced myocarditis and heart attacks), and skip to the third item: the social impact of the disease on children and youth. First of all, this question is phrased incorrectly, as you know. The correct issue for the researchers to study is “the social impact of the government’s draconian and unscientific adoption of Chinese Communist Party lockdowns and illegal restrictions in contravention of everything every society knows about virology, and the subsequent targeted attacks on the mental and physical health of children and youth”. Speaking as a parent of one of the affected youth, I’ll save you further funds and tell you about some of the outcomes I have seen in my teen daughter and her friends:

  • Depression: several of the youth I know are on anti-depressants, with prescriptions starting at some point in the past year.

  • Alcohol/drug addiction: several of the youth I know are also abusing alcohol and drugs, with a few simultaneously ingesting anti-depressants, anxiety medication and ADHD medication. Sounds like a recipe for healthy synapse-building in one’s formative years, no?

  • Mental isolation: I know many children who have been isolated from friends, family and relatives due to the Government’s pitting of the unvaccinated/vaccinated, masked/”anti-maskers”, “extremists”/lemmings, etc., etc.

  • Physical isolation: My daughter can’t visit her own biological mother on an airplane because she is not vaccinated. Dr. Quach – would you like to speak to the long-term mental health of children who are prevented from bonding with their maternal parent?

  • Anxiety: How do you think youth are feeling with the current global cabal attacking democracy and instilling the fear of God into Canadians over a virus with a lower fatality rate than the flu?

  • Obesity/addiction to video games: What do you think youth who had no physical outlet in extracurricular sports for two years have done with their time? If you guessed “playing video games and getting fat”, you might be as qualified as one of your researchers to conduct this study.

Just a partial listing, of course. I am obviously nowhere near as qualified as your “experts”, who will pocket the $6.7 million (who am I kidding, there will be a Change Order pushing that number north of $10 million) and issue a fluffy report indicating that the “virus” was responsible for ruining a whole generation of children but, if the Liberals waste yet more money on inefficient and poorly designed youth programs that are top-heavy on administrators and “experts”, the problem will be alleviated!

I note that Dr. Quach is the current Chair of NACI. I’m sure Dr. Quach, acting on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada to both identify the Government’s lockdown mistakes and to assess the utility of vaccinations, will be completely objective in her development and analysis of the issues – or, she will draft a report that favours more governmental intervention, taxpayer fleecing and mandated vaccines until the last kid drops dead from a vaccine-induced stroke. Could go either way, amirite?

Oh – and since I have your attention, I’ve asked you multiple times for any data that justifies your discrimination of unvaccinated Canadians, especially in light of the fact that the “vaccines” are effective for a hot minute. Care to share with the class yet?

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