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"258 new cases in BC"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: April 6, 2022 9:53 AM To:;; Cc:;;;;;;; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <> Subject: "258 new cases in BC"

Good morning,

I read this article on Castanet yesterday, noting that “there are 334 individuals hospitalized . . . with COVID-19 and 35 in intensive care”, with “half of those hospital cases [being] ‘incidental’”. You also indicate that 12% of the population of British Columbian is unvaccinated, while it represents 17% of COVID-19 “critical care” patients. Assuming that “intensive care” is the same thing as “critical care”, I’ve calculated these numbers and would like to confirm my interpretation is correct:

  • Half of the 35 people in intensive care are “incidental”, so only 18 people (rounding up to support the pandemic narrative) are actually in intensive care due to COVID-19.

  • 12% of 18 = 2.16 – in other words, in a normal population in which vaccines are completely ineffective, we would expect to see at least two (and, every once in a while, three) unvaccinated people in the ICU “due to” COVID-19.

  • 17% of 18 = 3.06 (should we assume this was rounded up from 16.67%, and there are currently three unvaccinated people in the ICU “due to” COVID-19?).

Am I missing something? How does one calculate 0.06 of a person? Is it the BC Government’s position that one extra unvaccinated person with COVID-19 in an ICU in this province is statistically significant? How is the Province defining double vaccinated people who either (a) never had antibodies, or (b) were vaccinated more than five months ago and therefore have little remaining vaccine protection? How is the Province defining vaccinated and boosted patients in the ICU who were admitted due to COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects within 14 days of administration of this treatment? How is the Province defining unvaccinated people who have proven COVID-19 antibodies? And, how does this Province ensure its numbers do not include false positives in testing results, either due to excessive amplification cycles, or due to the fact that the PCR test reacts to other coronaviruses (as well as orange juice and Coca-Cola), can show positive results when contaminated, can detect non-infectious virus fragments after infection, etc., etc.?

Finally, can you please confirm if it is still the Province’s assertion that BC is suffering from a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”? If so, can you please confirm that one person in ICU fits British Columbia’s current criteria for a “pandemic”?

I look forward to your response.

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