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Just in time for Halloween

I found this “Transylvanian” recipe for fermented plum brandy:  I had almost 4 lbs of plums in the fridge that were heading into dangerously overripe territory this week, so rather than feed them to the goats and chickens, I decided to try a new fermentation project. 


The internet has several methods of fermenting plums:  one is with salt, to make a savory base for dishes, and the other one is with sugar (as in the linked recipe).  I love fermented foods, but I’m afraid the thought of salted, fermented plums is more than even I can bear.  I’ll report back in 2 weeks, when we have hopefully created a nice liqueur to savour over the holidays. 

Cowboy Candy 2_edited.jpg
Cowboy Candy_edited.jpg


Today we strained the fermented plums into jars and added brandy to top up (approximately 60% plum/40% brandy).  The final product is smooth, fruity and I think will make the perfect Christmas sipping drink. 


I was planning to make a fermented plum sauce with the strained plums, but upon trying one I decided the world isn’t ready for boozy plum sauce … they taste well fermented.  So, I fed the plums to the goats and sheep – if you read about any drunk and disorderly ungulates on Castanet this afternoon, you will know why!


I thought you'd like a view of all the 'science projects' on my counter top right now....

Cowboy Candy 3_edited.jpg
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