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Cowboy Candy

The farmstand down the block from us is selling everything for half price this week as they get ready to close down for the winter, and we couldn’t resist buying more hot peppers for a few different projects.  One of our favourite finds a few years ago is “Cowboy Candy” – jalapeno slices processed in a sweet, vinegary brine.  These slices pack a punch, and are great on a charcuterie platter or wherever you need a touch of sweet and savory.  Here’s the recipe:

We doubled this recipe and used just under 6 lbs of jalapenos, which made 10 x 250 ml jars.  We also omitted the cayenne pepper, as I think these peppers are spicy enough with any help.  Next year I might triple this recipe, as I am a bit nervous about running out!!  Per the recipe, we saved some of the brine and may try using it on salmon this week.


I hope you like these as much as we do!

Cowboy Candy_edited.jpg
Cowboy Candy 3_edited.jpg
Cowboy Candy_edited.jpg
Cowboy Candy 2_edited.jpg
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