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Chipotle Peppers

One of our other favourite preservation gadgets is our Big Chief smoker (  This is another simple appliance that is really versatile, and fun to use. 


This week, we made chipotle powder by adding jalapenos and some other spicy peppers to the smoker and smoking with cherrywood for about 48 hours.  (Some recipes on the internet advise to smoke for 3 hours, then dehydrate until they are dry:  we take the path of least resistance instead – and hope we remember to check them periodically!)

When the peppers are dehydrated and crisp, crush in blender and use wherever you would use chili powder.  This powder is great in chilis and Mexican food (and maybe a spicy Caesar as well??).  I’m tempted to make up another batch using this recipe: as well, since the peppers are still plentiful outside and the smoky flavour adds such a nice touch to so many dishes.

Kim chi_edited.jpg

I’m also thinking of smoking some garlic bulbs, and then dehydrating and blending.  Has anyone tried this?  What do you use your smoker for?  Drop your ideas below.

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